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    [H] Rat Pack on Stormscale: A New kind of guild for ex-raiders and mature people

    TL;DR version: New guild, led by an ex-hardcore raider(rank 19 on wowprogress in its peak), aims to gather people:

    a) Who are skilled, dedicated and reliable, but no longer have the time to raid in a hardcore guild, but still want to play with people on their level.
    b) Who never raided before, but have the proper mindset of being respectful, dedicated and mature

    1. Clearing content while it’s relevant in WoD: Not racing for realm firsts, but aiming to clear content before next content patch, but Real Life takes priority
    2. Creating a guild with a good atmosphere where people can freely exchange ideas and experiences in a mature way and clear content together, while not hurting Real Life

    We will not be raiding during Weekends

    <Rat Pack> a new guild aimed at people who used to be hardcore players, but no longer have the time to be a cutting edge raider or competing at the top of the arena ladder, yet still want to play with Players on a similar skill level as them. The guild is also aimed at smart and mature people that have limited playtime per week but are dedicated and focused when playing with others.

    PVE wise we will be aiming to clear all PVE content while it is relevant (so for example Lich King Heroic before pre-cataclysm patch), but we will not sacrifice real life time to do so.

    However, since this is a guild for responsible adults we will not tolerate Players who sign up for a raid/rated BG and do not show up. We know that real life happens, but you will be required to notify an Officer/Guild Master as soon as you know you won’t be able to attend. We realize this might mean you will have to send an international text, but you are expected to do so in such situation.

    Your current gear is completely irrelevant - you can be in full timeless isle gear. Of course if you have spirit gems as Death Knight please kindly stop reading there

    We will not be raiding during Weekends. Raid days are not set in stone yet.

    Mists of Pandaria: goals are limited to getting Gold Challenge modes and possibly Garrosh Flex/Normal kill for heirlooms.

    Warlords of Draenor: Assembling a core 20man team capable of progressing in Mythic raids, Having Heroic raids on farm, assembling a Rated Battlegrounds team. If Mythic raids prove to be too time demanding we will downgrade to Heroic content.

    About me:
    During Burning Crusade and Wrath of The Lich King I was a very hard core raider. At my peak, during Wotlk I was an officer in guild which was ranked 19th on wowprogress - Insert Coin on Stormscale (My character name was Condemn). During Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria I focused on real life resulting in stuff that prevents me from being the raider that I used to be(Job, friends and so on). I want to a create a guild for people similar to me: Those who used to be really hardcore but no longer have the time required for cutting edge progression, but still want to play this game with similarly skilled Players.

    Who we are looking for:
    a. Those who used to be really hardcore but no longer have the time required for cutting edge progression, but still want to play this game with similarly skilled Players.
    b. People who never set foot inside a raid or competitive PVP due to misconception that huge amounts of time are absolutely required, and now want to take the opportunity offered by <Rat Pack> to experience the endgame without all the associated time-wasting and drama.

    Please note that in both cases Players must fulfil these requirements:

    1. Mature (age does not mean you are mature) - no immature jokes, showing up drunk for raids, and failing to respect other people.
    2. Dedicated - You must threat WoW like a job (in terms of mindset, not time spent in-game) - You do not show up late for meetings in your professional life, why should you do it in WoW?
    3. Patience: Wipes will occur in raids. Losing streaks will occur in RBGs. We will not be extending raids. We will not be raiding on non raid days. Everyone has jobs and WoW will not be taking priority.
    4. Fluent English, Microphone and willingness to use it. Our Voice comms are not set in stone right now

    All Players recruited during the initial recruitment period will have a rank of Member. During first weeks of WoD, after we have all raided normal and heroic and all raid times are set in stone, people will be promoted to Raider rank for Mythic progress. Members will continue to raid Heroic with us and they may be called upon for Mythic raids as well.

    •Raider: People who will be taken to Mythic raids in Warlords of Draenor and are expected to be prepared (Currently need Main Tank, Healers of all kinds and mostly ranged dps, but melee will be considered)

    •Member: People who will first be raiding Heroic raid content with us or People who do not have the desire to raid or do competitive PVP, but still want to be part of mature community inside World of Warcraft

    Both Member and Raider positions are treated equally, and both have a trial period as well as possibility of attaining Veteran rank. Members are not what you call “Socials” in normal raiding guild. There will be many opportunities to become a Raider during Warlords of Draenor, and Raiders may also become Members.

    *Veteran (Both Member and Raider versions): Same as Member/Raider but they gain increased guild bank access and various perks. Officers will be recruited among Veterans, and Veterans will be able to influence some guild decisions.

    Please note that Members might become Raiders and vice versa. This should not be treated as "demotion" or "getting benched". Those changes will happen often. They will not impair your progress towards Veteran rank.

    Recruitment status:
    We are currently recruiting all classes and specs. Recruitment will be based on an interview via whispers. Later on interviews will be concluded via Voice comms. Please contact me on the character you are applying on. Please also list all characters that hold your most prestigious pve or pvp achievments, as they will improve your chances dramatically, especially if you are aiming for Raider position . A person with 490ilvl and Algaon killed while Ulduar was current content (based on the date when achievement was earned) will be considered a better candidate for Raider position over 545ilvl person who only raided Normal modes in Mists of Pandaria.

    Future Short-term Plans:
    - Guild Forums/Steam Group
    - Voice communication
    Future Long-term Plans:
    - Expanding beyond WoW (Different PC games, Steam Community etc.)
    - Guild Website

    Contact me via Battle.net/ingame: Null#2363 or Ratlord on Stormscale

    - - - Updated - - -

    Updated and cleaned up the post.

    For Raider position candidates:
    Currently looking mainly for an exceptional Main Tank, Healers of all classes, ranged dps. Melee dps still welcome as well.
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    EDIT: Updated the Recruitment/Rank segment.
    We are mostly looking for Ranged DPS, Healers (all specs), but all Classes/Specs with the proper mindset are welcomed.

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