652 DPS Warrior

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...erion/advanced

Can play all specs proficiently, currently playing Gladiator mainspec but switch over to Fury/Arms when needed on various Highmaul fights.

Current raiding experience:
  • 5/7Normal Highmaul
  • 2/7Heroic Highmaul

What I’m looking for:

A late night raiding guild –I often work late and I haven’t been able to make the traditional 19:00CET starts most guilds require for a while now, (hence a bit of previous guild jumping.) I don’t mind when the raid finishes, so going past the early hours isn’t a concern. Weekday raiding would suit me best but it’s not a deal breaker.

A semi-serious raid guild – I’ve previously been used to a lot of raiding, in Cataclysm I was raiding 4 nights a week, 3+ hours a night at the peak of progress. Although I’m not currently looking for that again, it did instil within me the desire to be serious about the content when the time came. Ideally, a guild that is pushing heroic content 2 (3 on serious progression) nights a week and looking to start mythic ASAP would be great.

A mature environment – I like a light hearted raid team, close knit guilds make the best teams and especially those that take the time to welcome their new additions. But I also like a competitive and serious one. As stated previously, I’m used to making good progress and if raiders are allowed to slack off and make jokes the whole night without concentrating, there’s little chance of progress.

What you can expect:

  • A strong, reliable raider who comes equipped with knowledge and the desire to push boss kills.
  • Due to late working hours, all of my progress thus fair in Highmaul has come from my own volition of looking for premade groups night after night. Hopefully this showcases my desire to raid.
  • Full food/flask/potions each raid night
  • A full knowledge (or as close to full without actual experience) of boss fights before pull #1
  • A helpful guild member, willing to offer advice on the mechanics of the fight and personal knowledge of the Warrior class.

I don’t mind faction/server transferring if it’s required, although if BOTH are required I’d prefer to speak to an Officer/GM first just to make sure it’s the right place for me.

If it looks like I’d be a good fit, or you want to ask any more questions, please add my battletag :


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