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    The Otakus Dojo 14/14hc Tarren Mill LF exceptional dps.

    The Otakus Dojo 14/14 HC Tarren Mill is recruiting!

    Greetings MMO champion readers,

    The Otakus Dojo is a 14/14HC semi hardcore raiding guild ( fairly new to Tarren Mill)

    Our first garrosh kill was on feb 19 th 2014, this kill was greatly delayed by various problems encountred by players in logging onto battle net that month and could have been obtained weeks prior to that date.

    On Tarren Mill EU, our new home we are currently server 4th 10 man behind 3 world top 50 guilds and server 6 overall.

    We are recruiting Exeptional DPS for our raid team for this upcoming patch and for Mythic 20 man and WoD.

    All dps classes are welcome to apply our main interest is in a good boomkin/mage/ warrior/spriest/sham ele or ehn but expetional players of other classes may also be concidered.

    We raid 3 times a week: (server time)

    Wed: 19:00-23:00
    Sun: 19:00-23:00
    Mon: 19:00-23:00

    We are looking to recruit some heroic quatily raiders to join our tight knit group. To apply please whisper any officer in game, or visit our facebook page " The Otakus Dojo" and leave a message or fill out an application!

    We also accept people who want to be part of our guild without necessarily being part of the raid team.

    Thank you for reading !
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    Hey i play a warlock named Crímson in the guild century gaming on tarren mill, we are currently progressing on garrosh hc (10). In the summer hollidays we will have a raid stop because of the lack of raiders. At the moment i am looking for a guild to clear 14/14hc for the holliday season. U can contact me in game for questions or info at crimson#2280 or reply on this comment!Thank you in advance! (:

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    Bumping still looking for that special dps

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    bumping for dps

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    Still recruiting DPS'ers and Tank Pref War!

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    Still recruiting a Tank !! come on i know you're out there !!

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    bumpty bump

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    LF Evil warlock and heroic hunter ! ( and other classes too ofc )

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    I know you are out there skilled dps who is also a normal (ish) person !

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    bumping for deeps

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    bump bump ^^

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    Still recruiting a lock and an spriest for now and Mythic !!

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    Still open to exceptional dps !!!

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    bummping for WOD

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    Bumping for dps ! visit our facebook or website for more info !

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    la la la

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    big bada bump!

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    bump mofo!

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    bumping for deeps

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