One of the oldest guilds on the EU Emerald Dream server, Bridgeburners has spent much of its history on the top end of server progression. However with the on-set of MoP the guild decided on a slightly more casual approach to hardcore progression, with a more relaxed schedule but with the same dedication to progression.

We are currently maintaining the same attitude in our raiding philosophy towards mythic progression in Warlords as we did during Mists. A more relaxed raid schedule, but with the dedication and expectation that we will progress into the highest tiers of content. Mandatory raid days are two nights a week, but this does not lessen our expectations of our fellow raiders. We all work to improve ourselves to maximise our performance for the main raids, but our relaxed main raid schedule frees up the rest of the week for social raids or other fun activities.

Raid times:
We currently raid two days a week:
Sunday 20-midnight server time
Monday 20-midnight server time

- Access to mumble voice chat which we use during our raids
- Fluent knowledge of your class and flexibility in playing what assists in progression

Our current recruiting needs are as follows:
- A tank, any class with the exception of protection paladin will be considered
- Ranged dps classes, Balance Druids, Hunters, Windwalkers and Warlocks considered
- Healer: Spot available for a resto shaman

If you have any questions feel free to contact our Raid leader ingame (Real id: Paraiah#2300) or via our website: