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    [H] PA World 83 10man & world 229 25man (took 2 weeks) Recruiting Exceptional Players


    Project Apocalypse - search chamber of aspects on wowprogress to find us

    PA is a hardcore 25 man team residing on Chamber of Aspects, EU.

    Our goal is to defeat all content Blizzard throws at us as fast as possible. To achieve this, the demands on all our members are high, both attendance- and performance-wise.


    10man 14/14 HC (Garrosh - World 83rd)
    25man 14/14 HC (Garrosh - World 223rd)

    Took us roughly 2 and half weeks to clear 25 man heroic once we swapped from 10 man.

    Basic requirement

    *To attend all our raids while keeping your performance high.
    *To know and master all Specs of your class.
    *To be confident on other classes should the need arise to stack classes or rerolls for the benefit of the guild
    *To have sufficient progression experience.
    *To be geared enough to let us trial you in the current content raids.
    *To have full Beta knowledge and experience (achieved through beta access or keeping up to date with streams/videos/forum discussions)

    Raid times

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and with an optional extra day (Friday or Saturday) during progress. We will revert to 1-2 days during farm.
    Invites go out 19:45 and raid lasts to 00:00 realm time

    What we can offer you

    1) The chance to push for the hardest content possible and clear it when it's actually still hard.
    2) To be a part of highly experienced raid team with skilled and dedicated players.
    3) To be a part of a social guild atmosphere and have fun together doing achievements and other stuff.

    If interested please reply here or contact Akrus in game on Craig#2611

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    high prio on dps, however would consider 1 skilled tank and 1 skilled healer

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    strongly considering dps and 1 tank for WoD. Healer wise you would have to be something special

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    still recruiting. strong push for boomkin dps

    - - - Updated - - -

    still looking for 1-3 more players who fit the requirements above

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    high prio on dps - especially warlock and SP

    medium prio on 1 tank and melee dps

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    currently only after 1, max 2, dps to finalise our roster for WoD

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    tank spot re-opened

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    1 tank spot and 1/2 range dps spots open

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    strong push now for 1 dk

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    looking for healer and dps currently

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