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    Did you complete "Loremaster of Pandaria" ?

    I wonder how many people completed Loremaster of Pandaria. I personally didn't, but I'm planning to do every single quest on Pandaria before WoD comes out

    Also when WoD launches, I think the first thing I'll do in the game is Loremaster of Draenor because storyline looks way more interesting than in MoP. For the first time since WotLK, new expansion feels like good ol' WARCRAFT game so it would be a pity to skip some of the new lore.

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    I did Loremaster of Pandaria my first time through, even after dinging 90, because I knew I'd never be more likely to bother than I would be with first toon. Will take the same approach for WoD. Took forever to make myself do Vashj'ir for Cata loremaster.

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    me, in the first week of pandaria, i think, i remember logging in to race to realm first, but my connection dropped for 30~~min and i gave up, then i leveled while doing every quest i could find the regions

    i'm going to take draenor loremaster in the first 4-5 days too, no rush to lvl 100

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    Yes, I did. It was pretty boring at some points though. My favorite was Dread Waste since I absolutely love the Klaxxi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtrm View Post
    My favorite was Dread Waste since I absolutely love the Klaxxi.
    Something bugs me about their lack of actual development.


    @OP: Yes. Twice.
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    Yes, took my almost a year to complete the last zone though. I don't know why but Valley of the four winds was so hard to complete for me.

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    Yeah, though I try to do every single quest that I come across on my character.

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    Yeah I do every quest in every zone on my Druid, taking my time. After that I could care less unless there's something specific I want on a different toon *laugh* Do all my achiev stuff on the Druid...

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    back in 2011 I decided

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    Before they nerfed exp I just got it by leveling, nothing too bad when it's all fresh.
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    Ever since Wrath hit I found myself making sure to do every quest I possibly could on my main character. Not so much on alts but still. Ever since then I've gotten the Loremaster achievements for what comes out(though I've yet to go back and do EK and Kalimdor's because it's a bit...daunting).
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    I got it like 4 days after launch.

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    yes, and not only pandaria.

    i even read all the quest texts from start till the end.

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    OP i hope you know you can no longer get the achievement for the quests in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Eternally in the Vale. as of 5.4 the achievement was turned into a FoS since the vale was destroyed and you can't do the quests anymore. it isn't required for the Loremaster achievement though.
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    Yes. It really doesn't take too much time, and some minor quest cycles can be skipped (I don't recommend that though).

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntermyth View Post
    i even read all the quest texts from start till the end.
    You monster!

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    I'm pretty darn sure I did all the quests on the continents, yet I still don't have that achievement. Must've missed something.

    Though I went and collected all the lore tablets scattered about once I learned about that faction, that was really fun. I hope they do something like the Lorewalker Cho cutscenes on Draenor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntermyth View Post
    i even read all the quest texts from start till the end.
    As interesting as the lore is, and occasionally useful the supplementary info is in completing the quest, I just don't have the time to read the 2 paragraph summary of why I'm killing 50 boars, felboars, iceboars, dragonkinboars and pandaboars.

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    I did it in the first week.
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    8D I got that within the first two weeks of release. Recently I finally obtained full Loremaster, too.

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    Nah, I could never stand doing quests after I hit max level, and I only did enough quests in each zone to level me to get to the next zone. It was a big part of why I couldn't get into MoP at the beginning, having to do daily quests for gear drove me insane. Even that farm I only did 1 quest, and never returned.

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    Always go out of my way to get it on my main. Only Loremaster I don't have is Outland, because I seriously just cannot be assed to go back to Outland.

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