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    I'm trying to play more and honestly don't care if it's VSAI or QM, just want to have some more people to play with. I will say my QM experience is super limited though since I don't wanna solo it and my friends are all AI folks.

    Battletag is in my sig if anyone is down though
    Battletag(US): Bradski#11752
    What do you call a tsundere Wookie? Chew-b-b-baka

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    Join The Chaos Vanguard Today!

    Hello all, I am a recruiter for The Chaos Vanguard, and we are looking for members today. We are a multi-divisional clan with everyone coming on in large groups. We have a teamspeak server for communication. With ts3, you can chat with fellow gamers like you that have have games such as HoTS, BF1, For Honor, Conan, LoL, CSGO, H1Z1, NewZ, Overwatch, Smite, Rocket League, Tom Clancy, WoW, and Warframe. Believe it or not, we have a section for each game on teamspeak! You are surely going to get along with everyone and make lots and lots of friends here too! SO come around and join us today gamers!
    All we ask is * you are aged 16+ *have a working microphone *install teamspeak 3 (if you already have ts3, great) *follow the rules *have an a awesome attitude.
    If you are interested, message down below and I will send you the link to our website! Thanks for reading!

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    #14 best Valeera on hots logs lf team

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