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    You are sad elitist when you try hard in LFR. Tru story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo Stormreaver View Post
    I never speak in LFR....ever. Probably the best course of action.
    Most of the time this is a good course of action.

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    Hmmm. So an overgeared DPS pulls threat off an LFR tank and tells the tank to do his job? Isn't it the job of the DPS to ride right up to, but not cross the threat line? Is it possible the tank was in the proper gear for LFR and the DPS was way overgeared?

    Then after the DPS pulls threat, comments in chat, tells him he is a waste of space, comes here and complains. I wouldn't use elitist, other descriptions maybe, but not elitist.
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    Reading LFR chat is like reading YouTube comments. Only do it if you want to lose all faith in humanity and have your brain explode due to seeing such blatant stupidity.

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    I just do what I want in Lfr. If the tank has less hp than my pet I'll just turn growl on and make my pet tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illana View Post
    I just do what I want in Lfr. If the tank has less hp than my pet I'll just turn growl on and make my pet tank.
    Hey, at least i have to use my taunt then, right?
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    'it's only LFR' is exactly the reason why you should want to be done with it ASAP. it's probably the dumbest excuse for sucking and I'm glad I hardly ever see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheekin View Post
    You are sad elitist when you try hard in LFR. Tru story.
    So wanting the run to go faster is a negative thing? LOL @ the things you read on this website sometimes ...

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    what did you expect
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    So.. why didn't you just use Fade?
    Pretty much this. Seems like a L2P issue.

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    OP I wouldn't have posted those screenshots if I were you, you look like just as big of a douche as the people you are trying to call out.
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    its better to have more dmg then not enough. when people are pulling 500k when im trying to tank i just keep rotating my taunts, plus theres a 2nd tank to grab the other adds anyway, so i wouldnt complain at all. im glad some1 is carrying me when im playing an undergear'd tank lol. same thing when im playing my 585 lock i think tanks appreciate it more, unless they are shit and cant do their job properly.

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    I think this thread has run it's course.

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