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    When it comes to better graphics for WOW, I'd look at something more like Darksiders 1 and 2 and the quality of their digital sculptures. They would all make totally awesome statues or action figures on my desk, ya'll. No matter how good the graphics will ever get, they will always look like these guys's art, brought to life.

    Personally for lack of some more ambitious ideas, my ideal WOW would be a marriage of WOW with Tera and Darksiders.

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    If Blizzard does do a "WOW 2", it will be a revamp of the current game (perhaps with action-based abilities like ESO or something) and better graphics, but you can bet that it will be a continuation of WOW where we will get to keep our same characters and everything. Kinda like what they did for FFXIV when it changed to Realm Reborn.
    I don't think I've disagreed with that or agreed, but I would agree, totally, it's something important to consider. WOW has always been the Elrith game for me. Elrith was the first character I ever made, my night elf warrior in December of 2004, and I see everything in this game sort of from his point of view. It's basically the Adventures of Elrith in the World of Warcraft. I would love to relive his beginning though with sufficient advancments to make it feel new and fresh but also familiar. The first time I played WOW in 3D it was a lot like that, and so was reexploring the world again with the new lighting SSAO FX of MOP making everything feel more alive. And so will the new character models now with their nuanced animations and updated combat sound FX. And I had to use a kind of 3d that forced me to play in low resolution, I'd die to play again in a no ghosting perfect 3d WOW with my vision totally immersed in the world, peripheral vision completely wrapped up in the display, where I couldn't look anywhere without being inside the game, in 2560 x 1600 or 1080p to 4k resolution. (drool)
    A wandering young warrior, sheild on my back and sword on my hip, nothing but my pants and shirt and my boots for armor. Wandering the newly formed Teldrassil (after traveling there to leave my younger brother in the care of the Shadowglen Druids of Aldrassil of course )

    But then, I could also see the world Blizzard talked about WOW exploring back in 2001, which was a kind of post apocalyptic future decades after WC3, now perhaps incorporating what an Azeroth would be like after the alternate timeline progresses from WOD, if we dont' destroy that entire parallel universe once we finish there.
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    Wait a minute....

    "That's not something we are going to for World of Warcraft, you know, maybe that's something for World of Warcraft 2 or something like that..."
    -Tom Chilton

    This is from the current front page youtube-interview at around 5:50.

    I'm (pleasantly) surprised he said that. I think they are definetly considering the idea. I'm hoping the x-pac after WoD goes out with a bang and paves the way for a new era. Too many mistakes have been made with the current wow - time to reboot! Lots of movies and games alike have done this with great success.

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    Blizzard Has Considered WoW 2 -- What Would You Like to See?
    'Everything gul'dan meme'

    So much possibility, but i think they should stick with wow, if they do start work on wow2 i doubt it would be released so close to wow1, like there was decades in-between strarcraft/ diablo etc >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidious78 View Post
    I think they are definetly considering the idea.
    You're reading too much into it. What it means they considered the idea and decided it's never gonna work for Wow(1).

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidious78 View Post
    Lots of movies and games alike have done this with great success.
    But not a single MMORPG where sequels have always been failures.

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