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    That makes engineering helmet dead in the water due to everyone getting a guaranteed LFR helmet - there will be bigger upgrades in the beginning. Shame.
    The inscription trinkets while finally having ilvl boosts are still fairly weak carrying crit. On the other hand if they did not join the CD then inscription would once again be a great moneymaker early WoD, and fantastic for anyone who can use the weapons.

    Everyone else is going ot have to suck it with the BoE pieces I imagine. All weapons should be off the limit really otherwise dual wielders / shield users are unfairly penalized (although that's hardly uncommon). What should happen and what will happen are likely 2 different things.
    The MC Helm has a ilvl of 640, which is the same ilvl as all crafted helms. Only difference it, it can be upgraded and they appear to be BoE now. Keep that in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asuras View Post
    The MC Helm has a ilvl of 640, which is the same ilvl as all crafted helms. Only difference it, it can be upgraded and they appear to be BoE now. Keep that in mind.
    Yes, noones going to use a limited 3 engineering helmet with the MC helmet. That was the point...
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    Always going to stick with engineering its just too fun even if they ruin it some more.

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    All of em most likely

    Is it any point in having multiple Blacksmith and Alchemists? For BS i just plan on making the weapons, for alchmist, is there any "living steel" equivalentin WoD?
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    RIP professions.

    They will not only no longer help you to make your toon more powerful than the next guy but they will no longer help you to make gold.

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    My toon has JC and Enchanting now on live (there is a possibility to get rid of JC for WoD).
    I have two questions regarding the third small plot in the Garrison if i decide to keep JC and Enchanting:
    - If i build Alchemy Lab will i be able to craft Greater Draenic flasks and also have increased flask and elixir duration(Mixology) ?
    - If i build Scribe's Quarters will i be able to craft epic staves(if there is any) and reagents required for the Darkmoon cards ?

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    ALchemy and Herbalism, gotta sell dem pots!

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    I am currently a jewelcrafter on my main although I am considering switching to engineering.

    I really depends on whether they add anything fun for jewelcrafting, I enjoyed making the panthers and getting the jade owl/sapphire cub battle pets, but I am always very jealous when I see engineers on those gliders.

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    Profession Guru's:

    1) Is there anything being done to JC to make up for the lack of gem slots?

    2) I've read that darkmoon trinkets will get iLvl upgrades as the expansion progresses, does this apply to all profession-crafted gear, and does the iLvl match the raid tier? (For example the MoP darkmoon trinket was 476 while the normal raid was dropping 489.)
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    All craftable gear after being upgraded is at or above LFR ilvl. But defiantly under heroic and mystic level gear.

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