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    Going Blacksmithing/Inscription for WoD to craft myself the weapons and trinkets for raiding, then drop it for whatever is coming out to be most profitable.
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    same as i have now, im too lazy to relevel from scratch ^^

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    inscription and enchanting ! why ? couse im way too lazy to level new ones...

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    All of them. Because alts.

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    Engineering/JC and Engineering/Enchant on my mains so i can fully optimize my characters without the AH. And All the Other Profs for Farming on Hard Alts and of course Leatherworking for the blonde wolf.
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    Oh and this thread will be about whatever I please. Don't make me turn this bitch into a Spiderman thread.

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    My question is what are gonna be the 2 most sought after professions in WoD and why?
    That's a different question than the thread title.

    I will have two gathering professions for gold and mats for transmog items I want made. I am no longer interested in investing time in crafting things.

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    Engi/JC on my priest. Engi because it is fun and have some awesome features and jc because of gems

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    Engineering/Alchemy atm, though I might drop Engineering for something else due to how much is being opened to non-Engineers. No idea what the other profession would be though; maybe Tailoring for the cheap leg enchants.

    Small plots in my Garrison (after I get all the Engineering/Alchemy recipes) will be Enchanting and something else I'm not sure of yet (third small will be Salvage Yard because free stuff).

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    I've got a lot of recipies for my current professions that I farmed for, so I'll just stick with what I have. Don't think I'll switch professions around at all, not even alts. My alts with crafting professions have also gone out of their way to get old recipies.

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