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    Roll a Dice: A tribute to Robin Williams

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to share with you the video I just made in memory of Robin Williams :


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    Pretty cute.
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    Get real bro, if walkers bite Daryl, they become Daryl's.

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    This is cute. Thanks for sharing

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    They need to add Mila to the game. And by add Mila to the game, I mean she needs to push the kid out, get back in shape, and come sit on my lap while I play.

    R.I.P. Adrian.
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    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    That was funny. Totally forgot about that movie I had that bord game when I was a kid. To this day parts of that movie still creap me out a little.

    /R.I.P Robin Williams
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    Loved it.

    I can't speak for him obviously, but I'm sure thats the way he wants people to remember him (humorous).

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