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    Roll a Dice: A tribute to Robin Williams

    Hey guys,

    just wanted to share with you the video I just made in memory of Robin Williams :


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    Pretty cute.
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    Get real bro, if walkers bite Daryl, they become Daryl's.

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    This is cute. Thanks for sharing

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    They need to add Mila to the game. And by add Mila to the game, I mean she needs to push the kid out, get back in shape, and come sit on my lap while I play.

    R.I.P. Adrian.

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    I Loved it.

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    That was funny. Totally forgot about that movie I had that bord game when I was a kid. To this day parts of that movie still creap me out a little.

    /R.I.P Robin Williams
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    Loved it.

    I can't speak for him obviously, but I'm sure thats the way he wants people to remember him (humorous).

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