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    can some one link me the unholy wf bis list please

    as shown in title

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    I'm not sure if there's a compiled one for unholy....at least that I've seen.

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    Off the top off my head for Orcs:

    Head: Tier head
    Neck: Malkorok neck
    Shoulders: Tusks of Mannoroth (either shoulders off Garrosh work fine with very little difference)
    Cloak: Legendary
    Chest: Dark Shaman Chest
    Wrists: Norushen wrists
    Gloves: Tier gloves
    Belt: IJ belt
    Legs: Malkorok legs
    Boots: Dark Shaman boots
    Ring1: Dark Shaman ring
    Ring2: Spoils Ring
    Trinket1: Thok's
    Trinket2: Galakras'
    Weapon: Xal'atoh

    Last I checked, this came out solidly ahead for Orcs with the FB2 APL.

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    ok thanks for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdood View Post
    as shown in title
    If you go to simcrafts site, they have BiS sim lists for each dps spec

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkStarUndead View Post
    If you go to simcrafts site, they have BiS sim lists for each dps spec
    No they don't. The gearsets there merely represent what gear that particular simulation profile is using, and while yes, at the time the BiS set was compiled nearly a year ago, it was BiS for the simc default APL, but the same isn't even remotely true in the current day. The simc default APL is completely useless and isn't an accurate gauge of Unholy's DPS, statweights or BiS gear.
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