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    With all Cata (or earlier) raids, you get a x32 damage buff... Shouldn't it be possible to solo it a level 80, while doing 3 full raids worth of damage???
    The damage buff is based on the character level vs the content level. Assume this buff will not be in place as a lvl 80 character.

    As far as mastery goes on a blood dk. That entire fight is just insane amounts of damage.

    Our dk was at 108% when we did it. I ended up solo healing and if you look at the healing breakdown of tank absorbs vs my heals on them.

    Out of 739k healing on the tank total. only 118k was blood shield. It was useless in comparison to what you see at 90. Your tanks will get crushed as is. Losing a bit of mastery won't change that much. (expect average melee hits between 7-14k)
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    The damage modifier only applies to higher level players, at level you get no buff.
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    I am ACTUALLY ASKING for them to ban me and relieve me from the misery of this thread.

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    if anyone needs a geared alliance tank for hott, please let me know.


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    I would also like to know if this is still available after patch and in WoD or if they are retiring it.
    Still doable. Might be more difficult due to squish though, who knows.

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    You can comfortably 5-man this achievement. You will be able to do it effortlessly with 10 80s.
    This, I leveled a character to 80 and got together a group with 0 pre-planning or gear farming.
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    Everyone hated BC, everyone hated Wrath, everyone hated Cata and everyone will hate MoP. MoP will become the new worst expansion and Al'akir or BoT will become the new "last good raid" or something stupid like that.
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    You're now blocked. Told you I was done with you. You want to pick fights over minute details as if this is the fucking presidential debate on a gaming forum.

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    While this is not a 100% confirmation.... does look promising.

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    tbh the achievement should of been removed at the same time tribute to immortality was removed, it's lvl 80 content which was reasonably hard while it was current not its just a joke, stuff like this should be removed on the last major patch of the current expansion.

    If they were able to maintain the challenge it used to present maybe it would be ok for it to stay but its pretty much just a title now.

    The main problem with WoW is things are just too easy, there is very little challenge left in the game and once you have done it your left afkn at the local hang out spot until new content is out so its rinse and repeat.
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