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    Been thinking for a while how I'd convert my current Shadowrun character to OW, but think I have it.

    She's called Rose, she's Italian, her entire body is pretty much replaced with cybernetic parts and she's a sniper/weapon specialist.

    Primary weapon is Assault Rifle, similar to 76.
    Right click is a short scope (think SG 552 in Counter Strike)
    Left shift switches to her 50BMG, she has to lie prone to use this, which obviously limits mobility and fire arc. Hits really hard, maybe some wall penetration.
    E smoke Grenade (maybe CS gas to disorient as well as obscure LOS)
    Ult, 'enhanced targeting' all shots are crits for the duration, works with either weapon.
    Passive wall climb (Amongst her ton of cyber augments, in SR this includes climbing claws in her hands and a cybernetic tail to improve balance).

    She has long red fibre optic hair, and horns as well. Oh and Spurs/Claws like Wolverine too; they can be her melee hit.
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    Name: Conclave
    Real Names: Too many to count
    Age: Various
    Occupation: Ex-military project
    Base of Operations: Unknown
    Affiliation: Themself

    Quote: "Heroes? We see no heroes, only selfish bastards growing fat off the spoils of war!"

    Health: High
    Speed: Average

    Primary: Heavy Combat Rifle: Fires 5-round bursts with hardly any recoil
    Secondary: Bayonet: Forward stab with a rifle Bayonet
    1: Guardian Shield: Projects a shield around a single ally. While the shield is active, 50% of the damage taken by the shielded ally is dealt to Conclave instead.
    2: Automated Repair: Slow self-heal over time ability.

    We Are Legion: Conclave calls in two small drones to protect them or whoever has the Guardian Shield.

    The entity now known as Conclave used to be a secret military project conducted by the UN during the Omnic crisis. The premise was this; hundreds on soldiers were implanted with small chips that would record their every thought and transmit the data to a central mainframe, essentially preserving the mind of the soldier. The mainframe was mounted in a large mech, through which the soldiers went out to fight yet again. At first, the mech proved to be incredibly unstable, although any problems would eventually become intermittent for the rest of the war, the many minds finding common cause against the Omnics that had killed them. After the Omnic crisis was over, the mech was left alone, save for the scientists and engineers who worked on the project and the minds eventually came to terms with one another and named their new selves Conclave. Not long after, however, the researchers were pressured by human rights groups into attempting to decommission the newly named Conclave. Two weeks later, rescue teams managed to enter the research station. They found one survivor and Conclave was missing. The few sightings since have been by mourning families, of a large figure silently watching them at a distance and then suddenly leaving.

    Conclave is large and humanoid, covered in scarred heavy grey plates and lacking a clear head, instead a holographic projector in the chest shows a flickering display of faces, one after the other in an endless memorial to the fallen. Covering the plating are etched names, each one that of one of the many minds in Conclave, even extending onto the simple rifle they keep clutched in their hands.

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    I just want a Lúcio that can transform into a banana shooting turret.

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    I want a hero with a jump pack and a cone based flame thrower, the jump pack enables them to leap into and out of combat like Winston but also lets them air battle pharah. The flame thrower leaves a dot on targets that can spread to other enemies if they stand too close. Ultimate is a napalm bomb which ignites a large area on fire if you remain in it.
    If you push a button that finds you a 'random group' and it gives you a random group of people with random skill and random knowledge then you have no right to complain that a 'random group' button did what it was designed to do. The fault lies in your inability to make friends to play with instead of relying on a button designed to be random. It is a 'random group' button, not a 'best of the best' button.

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    "The world of possibilities in the palm of my hand."

    Real Name: Dr. Malcolm D. Keller, PhD
    Age: 47
    Occupation: Nanotech Engineer
    Base: Scotland
    Affiliation: Blackwatch (formerly), Talon
    Voice: Gerard Butler*

    Role: Support (Healing)
    Health: 150
    Shield: 50

    Summary: Malcolm uses a wide array of technology in conjunction with his nanobots to heal allies and hinder the enemy.


    Passive: Nano-fusion - Once his shield finishes repairing, his health begins to regenerate at the same rate. Any damage suspends healing.

    Primary: Infusion - Heals ally a small amount but can be fired off quickly (think Mercy or D.Va out of her mech). If target is max health gives slight damage boost. 25 shot capacity (shared)

    Secondary: Deprivation - Applies a slight damage debuff while dealing damage to enemy. 25 shot capacity (shared)

    Project Biotic Field - Targetable AoE (similar to Soldier '76) which will heal allies and damage enemies. Cooldown - 15 seconds

    Harness the Signal - Attune the nanobots in his blood stream to allow levitation and vertical movement. Movement speed is inversely proportional to how damaged Malcolm is. Last until cancelled or uses another ability.

    Ultimate: Feedback Loop - AoE spread (think of Sombra's Hack) which causes enemies' abilities to suddenly backfire/ misfire (Depending on Hero could cause ultimates to trigger on self, abilities go on cooldown, or take damage and have to reload). Additionally, allies caught in area receive a slight ultimate charge and all abilities come off cooldown.


    One of the greatest minds of his age, Dr. Malcolm D. Keller became consumed with the Omnic Crisis at an early age. Malcolm believes that the governments of the world were at fault. Omnics never should have reached this level of self-awareness and keeping Omnics around after the crisis was only a stalling tactic.

    After working briefly in Blackwatch's R&D department, Dr. Keller's erratic behavior and firmly held belief that Omnics would one day try to wipe out humanity, lead to his early dismissal from the organization. However, his prototype biotic field generator was very promising.

    A pioneer in the field of nanotechnology, Dr. Keller started conducting his own experiments in secret. Believing that his technology was mankind's only hope to overcome the Omnics, the good doctor did the unspeakable. Malcolm started to his trials on unwilling subjects... homeless Human and malfunctioning Omnics were the first. Earning him the moniker of MDK (Murder, Death, Kill) in the streets.

    Dr. Keller's experiments were successful to a degree. His nanobots could break down both Omnic circuitry and human biology with ease, and likewise reassemble them healing any damage almost as quickly.

    An explosion at an adjacent facility cut his experiments short. All of his research went up in flames as the building came crashing down around him. In a last ditch effort of self preservation, he injected his newest, self-replicating nanobots into himself. Even with the tiny machines repairing his damaged tissue, Malcolm could not escape before the facility collapsed.

    Losing hope in the smoldering rubble he saw a light of salvation. An Omnic firefighting force started shifting through the debris. Dr. Keller could hear them getting closer but they stopped before they found him. Desperately he tried to call out but his throat was dry and too raw to make a sound.

    Furious, vengeance spurred him to drag his broken body out of the demolished structure. Once he was no longer in danger, he witnessed his flesh repairing. His bones resetting and all of his damaged organs returning to their original, pristine condition. Fueled by increasing hatred of the Omnics, Doctor Keller walked away changed. His unhinged mind began to weave threads on how to destroy the Omnics once and for all.
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    my hero's name is excalibur
    real name : max hunter
    primary weapon: fire pistol
    secondairy weapon (melee) : sword

    back story : in the war between the omnics and humans he lost is brother and lost a arm later he disapeerd for a few years
    he met a guy named arthur the man gave him a sword and one robotic arm and told him to fight for man kind
    then he joined overwatch and got the name excalibur


    excalibur charge : charges with excalibur and takes haf health away from enemy
    flametrow: for 5 seconds full power on fire pistol and becomes a flametrower for a momment
    ultimate : mighty excalibur : fire pistol and excalibur attach becomes the mighty excalibur
    if close stunned and lose health if in yous creates fire shields around teammates if close and heals them

    "the mighty excalibur wil never give up"

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