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    Looking for a good home

    Hi all,

    My names Nick I'm 29 and I'm Looking for a clan to play with to push up into higher rating, I've been sitting mid to high plat and looking to push into diamond. I pretty laid back player, if we gave it our all and we lose a match I won't be raging on anyone lol. I mainly focus on playing tanks, I'm usually on Reinhardt or Winston but I can play the other 3 if need be. I can also play 76, reaper, lucio and zen, but I rather be running a Rein to be honest.

    Been playing since season one, My B-tag is NickD#1115 I'm usually on so if you want to run some games just add me. I use the in-game voice chat but I also have curse, discord and Ts3.


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    Hello, my name is Madison. I'm just looking for some nice people to play casually with until I get a new headset and then I could start doing competitive a little more intensely. I'm a girl so don't bro and dude me. I live in the US and usually don't play past 12 EST/9 PST.

    Send me a private message for my battle net.

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    Hey, I'm new to Overwatch and I'm looking to casually play with people. Although new, I have lots of experience with Paladins so I'm pretty decent at Overwatch.

    If you're interested, please add my Battle.Net. My ID is Purple#1323. I have a microphone as well as Skype, Discord, TS3, ooVoo, and Curse.
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    [NA] [PC] Duo LFT to push SR into Diamond and higher, 2500/2700 (3300 main) - Flex w/ focus on Tank/Supp/Hitscan - Usually start playing around 4PM CST

    We are both adults and use Discord to communicate. PM if interested.

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