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    Hey everyone my name is Bruce, but everyone just calls me Bags. I just starting streaming with the launch of Overwatch and plan on playing this game for the extended future. I also plan on joining a competitive team in the near future and see how far I can push myself in the esports scene. I plan on streaming 5-7 days a week. During the week my stream will start around 5-6pm PST-6 Central US time. On the weekends my stream will start quite a bit earlier and usually last longer.

    I am a pretty laid back guy who doesn't take things to serious and I am not one of those ragers. I like to keep the stream fun with lots of laughing and interacting with viewers. Just pop in and say what's up in the chat and I'm sure I will make you laugh with the shenanigans.


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    Saim here, moderatly known HoN streamer in europe but I am now moving to Overwatch as my main game.
    I will stream atleast three times a week, you can find the shedule on my stream.

    Much love.

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    Hi overwatch fans,

    My name is Lily. I would like to contribute to overwatch community.
    This Blizzard game is awesome to play with friends. My stream is where you can find people to play with. I run lots of viewers games and answer most questions in chat with English/Chinese.
    I stream on Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun from 6:00 pm PDT to 10:30 pm PDT.
    Have a good weekend and make new friends with your favorite overwatch hero!

    Live stream: twitch.tv/lillipie

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    I record/upload/edit(badly) and stream Overwatch, Live now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srBOHSpKVCo

    or check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQ...tMdxEyNM4fhC8A

    Subscribe and will schedule events in the future, or post in live chat your btag if you want to play (EU)

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    came across this. i was like" huh. neat"

    T-Pain Streaming overwatch


    when its going anyway
    Omians- 110 Troll Enhancement shaman, Emerald Dream
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    Hey lovely people.

    Recently swapped from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Overwatch as a streamer.

    It's been almost a year since I started streaming and am still learning the game. Feel free to hop in the channel to chill, have a chat or just enjoy the gameplay and the raging in voice communication.

    Streams are on weekdays from 19:00 to approx 21:00 Amsterdam Timezone.


    Much love and I hope to see you on Twitch.
    Lilith@ Blade's Edge, Europe

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    Drop a follow. If I get beta, deep free to tune in.

    twitch tenebrusbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by saimhann View Post
    Saim here, moderatly known HoN streamer in europe but I am now moving to Overwatch as my main game.
    I will stream atleast three times a week, you can find the shedule on my stream.

    Much love.
    cool thnks

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    Hey everyone! My name is Ressh and I am a top rated mage in wow that is trying to excel at Overwatch. Come join me as I stream and try to keep everyone entertained.


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    I stream every day, very good quality, 60 FPS. Good music, usually not much talking unless playing with friends and I'm not terrible.

    FunkLive - Twitch

    FunkTV - Youtube

    I post weekly content and stream highlights.
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    not my stream but I may as well throw out a plug for a friend:

    twitch.tv/automaticjak -- alternates between WoW streams (live/beta/#FriendshipMoose), and Overwatch. He's a hell of a Genji in my opinion.
    “Nostalgia was like a disease, one that crept in and stole the colour from the world and the time you lived in. Made for bitter people. Dangerous people, when they wanted back what never was.” -- Steven Erikson, The Crippled God

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    Hi! My name is Carl but I've been known to play under the Ragga (FPS), Olando (WoW) or Jordynn (other MMOs). I live in the Great White North - Canada. I came to streaming like most, found Twitch, got addicted to it and after a while thought I would give streaming a shot myself. Lately I have been playing mostly MMOs (WoW, BnS, GW2) but I play FPS and whatever else that is suggested to me that sounds like fun.

    Come chill, for a bit!


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    Beautiful young girl from the marines, follow and watch her destroy in overwatch https://www.twitch.tv/nightsky413

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    Chill out with overwatch


    bit laggy and choppy but i'm nice so there's that
    wouldn't mind a partner for 20% either

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    In this post, can we put link for youtube stream?

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