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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    Do kills count if your allies combo you off a enemies hook or two allies combo you?
    That is the Kill-deny, the hooked Stitches dies but there is no point for the enemyteam, had 9 denies in one game...the enemyteam must have been so furious about this

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    New brawl today happend.

    Blackhearth Bay revamped.

    You need pay 100 coins for win.
    Blackhearth ship shots canonballs randomly on map.
    Forts drops 16 coins.
    Chests spawns randomly and drops from 5 to 16 coins.
    Mercenary camps drops 5 coins.

    Have fun, i allready finished it and was cool.

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    its INSANE. blackheart is insane just covering the map in explosions. the enemy team at one point got themselvse killed with no participation from our side becaue they got greedy over a large chest

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    And today brawl is...


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    God damn it! It's easier to get rid of cancer than Hanamura...

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    I really do wish the ALL HERO triggers would occur more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astalnar View Post
    God damn it! It's easier to get rid of cancer than Hanamura...
    It is actually diffrent map than normal one.

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    And this week we got...


    Most retarded brawl...

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    Depending on the groups/heroes this can be one of the most entertaining brawls. Did my three during breakfast, in the first two brwawls the winning side's core was under 30%. Third enemy had Hammer, Morales, Sylv, I had the choice between Tracer, Falstad and Kerrigan. At least it was over quick.

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    I had an incredible Jaina game. I kicked so much ass. I was so close to dying so many time but they could not kill me late game. Ice Block was so nice.

    I ended up getting +5 votes.
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    the ghost mechanic make this so much more interesting

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