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    Played about 10 Junkertown maps over the last 2 days, only lost once...

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    Not really enjoying the Mercy changes. On one hand, I think it's great the mass Rez thing is gone and eliminated the "hide during a push" issue. I don't even mind the 1 Rez every 30 seconds. On the other, I hate how they made it so you have to be right on top of the corpse now and the immunity is gone. The immunity isn't too much of an issue, but when you're trying to get up a tank that the enemy is clustered around you're pretty much dead going in.
    Her new Ult is fun, but the damage reduction it provides is borderline useless as she's so easy to track in the air and doesn't really move that fast while flying. Most teams I used it against I was still forced to stick near the tanks for a shield because anytime I went above it I was just a giant target for McCree, 76, DVa, and even Winston. WInston wasn't much of a problem, but again, she's just slow enough that he can jump and burn a lot of health off you.
    This is mainly 1st impressions as I've only just started getting used to it, but 1st impressions are the most important and it doesn't feel that good. I'd much rather play one of the other healers now without the Rez since I can keep my distance more and not have to be in direct line of fire anytime I want to do something.

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    Well, not seen a D.Va all evening, which is weird. Her changes don't seem either popular or particularly good. Mercy though is crazy good, not had a chance to actually try playing her, just immediate instalocks all the time.

    Had a kick ass game as Widow in comp earlier, QP was getting tedious and toxic for messing with D.Va, so figured I'd give it a go; 24 Critical Scoped shots and 5 votes on my card! Really happy with that, and the 34SR I got from it.

    Less happy with Tracer, playing while ill, she's absolutely exhausting. She needs actual counters that aren't burst that kills everyone 100x more easily. 300EHP, that much mobility, and the capacity to one clip you, it's too much.

    Did this too. http://plays.tv/video/59c2bd37103a3e...idowmaker-potg
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    Overwatch needs the holy paladin type healer. Tanky as fuck with armor and shields

    And a hero that focuses on restricting/stopping movement so those tracers diving are met with a potential skill based movement trap.

    Current hero pool is tiny and missing important counters

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