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    Hello all of you wonderful warlocks.

    I am hoping to gain some help for one of my close guildies who is having some struggles with getting his dps to better levels.
    My warlock is only level 77, so I can only provide glimpses at things when investigating logs. I am still newish to reading logs for myself as a fury warrior, but cast times and channels, plus things like soul shards confuse me.

    I know he's been hunting after some better trinkets, His manacracker is a 940, but I don't think it's very good, and I've linked him the BloodyTrinkets spreadsheets. He just recently switched to the Soul Legendary and does not yet have the belt.

    Character of question on WL

    Character on WoW Armory

    Latest Sisters Heroic Comparison to a 939 vs Prax at a 934,8&source=3,16

    Prax on KJ last night. ( he did die at 6:51 )

    Hopefully some of the experts can look a tad deeper into some of his logs and see where he is going wrong. He used to be a god, but something must have changed in the raid tier that he just didn't keep up with.
    Chest is a horrible legendary for Single Target fights or practically any fight without tons of adds to flood you with shards, its just too low of a % to get any meaningful procs when limited by low shard generation unless you are absurdly lucky.

    Phantom Singularity is weak in general, you only use it when you want add dmg around the boss, SH is the way to go most of the time.
    It adds a much stronger opener and execute.

    Extremely bad relics from what I can see, plus I can't see any of the dark/light crucible dmg procs so either really low artifact weapon level or just extra bad relics, 150 gems.

    Bad drains, lack of it seems to be the biggest issue
    Lots of this.
    Lots of downtime in general.

    Sometimes dumps up to 3 UAs when he has no souls or reap available, at most you dump 1 UA at a time when you have no souls/reap and you pool the rest.

    That trinket manacracker whatever looks like garbage even at that high ilvl, I would sim it vs a passive mastery 910 one and check since they're easy to get.
    But I wouldn't use that whispers either.

    Very weak execute, didn't pool resources in anticipation.
    Wasted at least 1 shard and didn't snipe another from moontalon.
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    Thanks Nigmatar for the insight.

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