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    Hello fellow Mages !

    I've got a sometrinkets, but can't find the setup that best serve my DPS in raids and Mythics !

    I've got these trinkets;

    Icon of Rot(905) -
    Wriggling Sinew (870) -
    Aran's Relaxing Ruby w/150+mastry gem (860)
    Fury of the Burning Sky(890) - (mine says 288,146 fire dmg )
    Unstable Arcanocrystal (865) -
    Whispers in the Dark (925) ( 53% for 12 sec, nad 21sec for 8 sec mine says)

    I've simmed some combos and gotten these numbers, but not sure about the combo is good or not.
    Dark+Unstable = 437,395
    Rot+Unstable = 436,463
    Fury+Unstable = 430,702
    Dark+Rot = 417,063
    Fury+Dark = 411,370
    Fury+Rot = 410,225

    Sorry for no Armory and Trinket links, but i was not allowed to post any links yet! but you can find at " /wow/en/character/sylvanas/Thesala/simple "

    Thanks for the input and help

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    One of my newest Arcane Mages is learning how to raid and has decent gear. She is struggling to understand her spec and I have never played a mage so I could use all the help. Like I said, she's new to raiding, so no worries if she's doing something completely wrong.

    Here are some logs from a normal run we did with her.


    Thank you very much

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    Hi Guys,

    Kinda new here, but heard this was the place to go ^^
    At the moment i play Arcane mage for our ToS Progress, happen to like the spec, as i came from fire.

    I am struggeling with my DPS to keep it steady throughout the raid. At the moment it's too inconsistent.
    When there is movement involved i drop big numbers on my DPS.
    Now i know that it is not to overcome, but if there might be a chance to krank up my dps a bit it will eventually smooth out the numbers i think.

    On fights with low movement i can get down around 800k, but when the movement is high i easaly drop to 500k or even lower. So i don't know if im missing something in my rotation, movement or gear at the moment. I would love some advice on this one.

    A raid log ; www[dot]warcraftlogs[/url][dot]com/reports/FfqjaP3d2gpZGYQ1#source=10
    Character : www[dot]wowhead[/url][dot]com/list=52691914/eu-zenedar-drksilver

    Advice is much appriciated

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