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    Yeah, I forgot about the non-template part of WPVP. In the FFA I have about 6.5M unbuffed, I think. Even with Indomitable I don't approach the numbers mentioned in this thread.

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    Like this one.

    He just wanted you to know he does well in PVP. Totally relevant and a great reason to bump a thread.
    Silly me. Thanks for clarifying this up.

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    Ayala+KJBW allow for some almost decent PvP viability in WPVP.
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    I AM my sarcasms!!!

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    Op is baiting... so hard.

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    uhhhh what? warriors of any spec owns in world pvp!

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    correct the subjetc put "MY" at start and go cry alone

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    get yourself a draught of souls, still works like a charm

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    Seen plenty of Fury warriors wreck people in PvP... so I'm calling lies on this.

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    They don't suck. They are in fact pretty insane. I manage to do my PvP WQs with ease without joining a group. I don't even die :'D I'm Arms so it could be that

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    Yeah, no. Warriors hold themselves quite well in World PvP.
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