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    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but they seem to have stealth-nerfed Hans'gar and Franzok in 7.2.5 as they no longer seem to pick you up when you solo.
    Easily cleared BRF HC just now at ilvl 901. Wonder if there's more they nerfed.
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    Thanks for the mention, yes they have.

    Mythic H&F,Flamebender,Kromog all down as very easy 1 shots. 9/10 BRF Mythic (obv just blast furnace remaining).

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    +4 Halls of Valor in timer.

    Decided to have my shot at m+ soloing since it's now easy to delevel your own stone if you wish. 2 chested a +2 BRH to get a +4 HOV and did that with 2 mins left on timer. Its nelths 5 atm which i'm not extremely confident for but will see how it goes if i can bother. I think with right dungeons maybe a 6 or 7 is doable.

    Nothing on miones +8 in time but obviously we aren't a ridiculous broken OP spec atm like vengeance.

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