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    The RNG gods chose you. Congratulations you lucky bastard.

    P.S: Buy a lottery ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WowIsDead64 View Post
    It's hidden loot manipulation/reward diminishing system, that is being reset with server reset/patch install. Existence of such system is obvious - 2-3 Baleful Tokens drop after every server reset to me, while 0 tokens drop within the rest of the week. Looks like there is hidden weekly amount of items cap, that is always being depleted within first day of the week. Ring and Head dropped today for example (EU servers).
    Actually, you are looking at the effect and making an assumption about the cause. A "weekly cap" is actually much harder to code, as are diminishing returns and whatnot, and I just don't see them doing it. What is FAR FAR more likely is that a vast majority of the people that run raids on a weekly basis do it the day they reset, as such you have a higher proportion getting them that day. Combined with that is also the possibility that people have multiple toons, and run them every day of the week. As such, there is a minor tendency towards the beginning of the week, as say I have 14 max toons, I run each raid twice each day, on 2 toons. If on tuesday I get the invincible drop, I will not be killing LK for Invincible again the rest of the week. it is a minor tendency, but it is still a tendency toward drops the beginning of the week. It might have a minor impact, but I would put my money on it being a vast majority run them the day it resets. I know when I was still running regularly, that's when I did it, so on the off week when I forgot or had a conflict, I still had 6 days to do it, whereas if you wait till Monday and have a conflict, you miss that week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machinelf View Post
    Chances of that - idk maybe 1% of 1% of 1% = ~1 in a million? Or similar. Astronomical either way.
    If they are 1% drops, which i actually think they are a little higher, and you ONLY ran the bosses that dropped those three, then yes, 1 in a million. But as you run more bosses that have a chance to drop, the odds of getting at least 3 mounts goes up quite a bit. And like someone else said, even with really low odds SOMEONE is bound to have it happen, because there are so many people doing it so often. I mean, the other day I got both the mounts to drop of Malygos in EoE in a single kill. While the odds of that happening THAT specific kill are small, the odds of it happening at some point in my play time isn't that small, and the odds of it happening at some point to some player is almost a guarantee.
    Quote Originally Posted by Histidine View Post
    WoW is great.
    Not sure what game people are playing; I love the way things are.
    What bosses will be in the Deathwing Raid?
    Quote Originally Posted by MauroDiogo View Post
    Leg 1, Leg 2, Hind Legs is a duo boss fight, Wings, Tail, Head and last Heroic mode only boss is his Chin. Totally optional and only for those hardcore enough. It's jaw dropping!

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    No, a Blizzard developer combed the archives of all characters on your realm, chose you because you're so gosh darn smart and hard working, and hotfixed in a droprate increase for mounts just for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelos View Post
    I'll be damned if at some point someone at Blizz hasn't actually increased the rate of deep breath for a few days, just as a joke.
    aaaaand you fail to realize they could make her do NOTHING but deep breathe and NO ONE WOULD NOTICE

    she dies in half a second now

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