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  • Ana

    22 8.80%
  • D.VA

    9 3.60%
  • Mei

    59 23.60%
  • Mercy

    5 2.00%
  • Pharah

    3 1.20%
  • Symmetra

    63 25.20%
  • Sombra

    43 17.20%
  • Tracer

    25 10.00%
  • Widowmaker

    21 8.40%
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    Pharah I guess? Maybe it's just the big suit of armor though.

    But what do I know? I find Symettra the most attractive. Legs. For. Miles.

  2. #102
    >Gathering statistics here

    Why young Ana/Soldier 76 etc.

    It's a good thing there's older looking heroes in this game because Mercy and shit being 30 years old is weird as fuck and not every character needs to look perfect.

    Some of your posts are weird as fuck man.

  3. #103

    I voted Symmetra because she's autistic. Just search for "symmetra sexy" in google. All the retards are identifying and cosplaying as her.

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    Even the Symmetra cosplayers are more attractive than that fatty Mei though.

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    No option for "This thread is toxic."

  6. #106
    Old Ana beats some of those girls too I chose Mei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramjb View Post
    I voted Symmetra because she's autistic. Just search for "symmetra sexy" in google. All the retards are identifying and cosplaying as her.
    You realise the image you linked is to "Low-Budget Cosplays" who's entire purpose is this sort of silly "low cost" outfit, right?
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    I don't think any of them are objectively bad looking. The easiest pick would be Zarya, but I know quite a few gay women who find her super hot, so maybe she shouldn't be judged by the optics of a straight guy, since she is clearly not there to be attractive to them.

    My top 3 worst looking would be probably:
    3 - Pharah - She is moderatly good loking but looks to thugish
    2 - Sombra - Don't like her eyes. Don't know how to describe it well, they go further downwards than upwards, they are kinda of droopy. Dunno.
    1 - Symmetra - Sombra with a bigger nose. Body is quite attractive tho.

    Now, since the topic makes me feel a bit douchy and judgemental, lets throw some extra stuff!

    Top 3 best looking women:
    3 - D.Va - She is very pretty, but her cheeks are a bit puffy. Widow would be here if she wasn't blue.
    2 - Mercy - Mercy is adorable. All of her emotes are the cutest thing ever.
    1 - Young Ana - Gawd Damn. Pharah, you ain't ugly, but you're not even close to yo momma. Seriously, she looks gorgeous.

    Most perfect butts -
    3 - Genji
    2 - Genji
    1 - Genji

    Sexiest Grampas -
    3 - Reaper's voice while you listen to Linkin Park
    2 - Soldier 76 playing golf
    1 - Apparently Torbjorn, since he managed to spawn 1245 children with a clearly much younger wife.

    Best looking robots -
    3 - Bastion
    2 - Zenyatta
    1 - Snowball, Mei's little robo friend

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