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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Sth View Post
    They really have. By only enabling it when it doesn't matter anymore.

    7.2 will enable flying, but it will be done after people have spent months on the Broken Isles doing their quests while not flying. After we unlock it, that will probably be it in terms of content, before they release the Argus patch. At that point we won't need to fly on the Broken Isles, because we'll be on Argus, which will probably be not flyable either.

    It's just like with WoD, where we were only able to fly once nobody needed to anymore anyway. Because the expansion was over. When the flying patch came out, I had 2 days of gametime left. And I didn't renew my sub at that point and went on a 1-year break, because the expansion was over anyway.

    This will be the standard now. Flying is gone.
    that is dev IH way of punishing players after his failed reneg on flying in WOD. he said okay....but you have to do all this, this, this , this, wait, this this this, wait...

    then they sold it to gaming news writers (who took it like a bass to a worm) that they did not want ot make flying a gold sink that doesn't affect gold strapped players and hinders others

    in WOD i had flying unlocked 13-14 days (using no rep medallion) after patch 6.2 went live, blizz said they would turn on flying within days of 6.2 not weeks....well they went weeks near 2 months. so now i see the below and know their definition of days, weeks, and not so long. they blew turning on flying in WOD after 6.2 and this gives them a time lag window to turn on flying in legion...and then say oh, we beat it by 2 days and take near two months again


    It will probably take at least a few weeks to unlock flying.
    You will need to wait for Week 2 for Assaults to start.
    You will need to hit Revered with the new faction as well.
    It probably won't take as long as it did to get flying in Warlords.

    so is it a few weeks? after the two weeks for assaults to start? and time to hit revered.....sounds like a month already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragedaug View Post
    During the WoD no-flight time was the first time in 10 years I let my sub lapse. I always find it funny when people think they are being helpful by telling us to quit. We already are quitting. We are finding other stuff to play. Grinding and leveling alts without flight tends to be more chore than fun. Being stuck on the ground after I've already explored every inch of the map and performed every quest...isn't fun. At least in this player's opinion.
    Agreed... I too quit WoD after a couple months.. only came back after flying was added back and I was able to BUY my reputation. The gleefully leveled not just the other 10 toons.. but even created another account and leveled ANOTHER 11 toons to 100 from 1!!!! Then proceeded to leech 4.5 million gold from their garrisons.

    I would not have subbed again if flight had not been added back. Certianly would not have enjoyed myself for those many months following.

    Legion? Sorry... it's over. Finally done with WoW unless somewhere along the way they return to BC/Wrath design concepts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krigsmaskin View Post
    Well flying removes more than it adds, and untile it adds eqal to what it removes....
    Its a unvalid argument.
    Simply not true. Flying at max level has been in game for more expansions than it has without... all of which were more successful than those without. Flyign did not detract form the game, but made it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJrogue View Post
    FACT is flying removes tools available to developers for storytelling. There is nothing else to add.

    Then why did Blizzard add flying? Why did they keep it in for the most successful expansions WoW has ever experienced?

    FACT is... story telling is told during the leveling process... something not effected by max level flying. More story is told via dungeons and raids where flying is not involved. Flight can be used to tell stories... just like it was used in Pandaland... or used to access areas only available to fliers like the elemental plateau... a grinding area that was a reward for those that earned their wings.

    I'm pretty sure flying is not going to be brought back at max level ever again, but I'm also pretty sure I'm not coming back to game either. MUCH more satisfied playing private servers for free than paying for crap development on live.

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    it makes wow alittle bit more fun whre every one running around and use ss and not just fly

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