View Poll Results: Was tying gold to real life currency a good step for you?

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  • Yes, I like the possibility to use my gold as RL currency

    95 45.45%
  • No, I dislike this concept

    36 17.22%
  • I don't really care

    78 37.32%
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    Loved it since i cashed out of wow and have no plans on playing agian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinChan View Post
    Devalues the currency even further and continues to blow up the amount needed to buy things. Was it a good idea? A universal currency was never a good idea and will continue to be a very bad idea. It is doubtful another one will be put into place to even battle what gold is used for.
    xD i dont think you understand what "devalues" means, if anything its the other way, while we will experience a rise in overall prices, in the long run they will be much stable and wont suffer an inflation as long as no stupidly insane methods of generating gold come into play ,like the garrison.

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    Yes. There's plenty of stuff I'd like on the real money store but would never spend cash on. Meanwhile gold falls from the sky in WoW.

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    I dont use it. A couple people I used to raid with run alt bot accounts for gold to keep their gbanks filled so far as Blizzards wet noodle bans make botting still more cost effective for them.

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    The new system is an expansion of the existing WoW Token, which allows WoW players to use gold to buy tokens to redeem for game time, or buy tokens with real money to convert into in-game gold. This system is similar to Blizzard’s WoW Tokens initiative, which allows players to convert their gold or even unused items into free play time.

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    Almost anyone who likes it (such as myself) has/had a ton of gold and spent it all on tokens since gold has little to no value outside of vanity items or BNet currency (esp since you can get pretty much anything you want with the hundreds of bloods the game throws you).

    Almost anyone who doesn't like it are those who never got enough gold/are still clueless about how good the Order Hall (like the Garrison) gives you gold, and how much free shit they're missing out on.

    Everyone who doesn't follow above are the ones who don't care.

    But yes I do love having ~$500 BNet currency.

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    No, not because I dislike the concept, but because it made my monthly cost for paying almost twice as high.
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