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    [H](Coilfang)<Eminent> [2/10M] 7-10pm PST M-W LFM for Mythic Progression CORE SPOTS!

    Eminent is a raiding guild focused on getting into, and clearing Mythic raid content ahead of the curve. We are looking to solidify our Mythic raid team.

    Our goal is to attract like minded players who can and will learn off of their mistakes and the mistakes of others. We keep a positive attitude in raids and expect all of our members to be level headed for progression as it may take time to down a boss. Not clearing the content in a timely manner before nerfs or the next content is released is unacceptable. Our fun comes from our success as a group.

    Our raid schedule is:

    Monday 7-10pm PST
    Tuesday 7-10pm PST
    Wednesday 7-10pm PST

    Currently looking for:

    Resto Druid or Shaman (core healer spot in a great healing group)

    However, if you're an exceptional player, we still encourage you to apply if your class/spec isn't listed above.

    Head over to eminent-guild.enjin.com/recruitment to submit an application.

    If you have any questions please leave them here, message a member in game, or add the following battletags:

    Pezek: Pezek#1832
    Croga: phierce#1234

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