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    Horde [EU-Stormscale] [Horde] Ranged DPS (Hunter) Looking for social/semi-raiding guild


    My name is Graharam and I am a troll hunter.
    I've been playing WoW since on and off ever since, but I began playing seriously during Cataclysm.
    Currently my itemlevel is 871 and I am specce'd as a Beastmaster.
    I reside on Stormscale-EU but for a guild to take me on, I am willing to transfer in ordet to gain new friends and experiences.


    Living in Stockholm, Sweden. 30 years old.
    I am a fulltime student which limits my timeplay, but I do want to engage in some raiding while I do play.
    I'm confident and enjoy challenges, both in real life and ingame.
    Teamspeak, ventrilo or whatever isn't an issue - rather that you need to tell me to hush a bit.

    I don't expect to be in the first team of raiding Mythics as I am quite low on my itemlevel at the moment, but I would enjoy
    running with Alts (normal/heroics) while I gear up.

    See me as a diamond in the rough or just a clown in guildchat, I just want to learn some new stuff.

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    Pandy Raiders - Caelestrasz Horde is a laidback based raiding guild made up of players ranging from ex-hardcore raiders to beginner raiders looking to break into heroic raiding and eventually mythic. Keeping things light and enjoying ourselves whilst we do them is high on our list. Guild was formed in 2012 and is run by a former mythic raider. At this current time we are 7/10 Normal Nighthold and are looking for others to join our ranks and help progress further.

    We appreciate the importance of life outside of World of Warcraft, we also understand the commitments and responsibility which life brings. We do expect regular attendance as often as you can but on the other hand we don’t enforce 100% attendance, we only ask that you give us plenty of warning in advance if you can’t attend. On raid nights, we expect you to be fully raid ready with gems, enchants and consumables. We also prefer that you follow our rules which include have fun, be considerate, be positive and be humble. We require you to attend for the whole 3 hours each raid night. You will need discord and you may be required to switch specs other than your main, so possessing the knowledge and ability to do so is a bonus.

    If this sounds like a guild you could become part of then join us by contacting Ruffen, Tanastira or add Sôraka (#foretold1857). For trials, we require you to contact us an hour before raid. Our raid days are: Friday & Saturday night - 8 ST till 11 ST We are currently recruiting these classes Death Knight -Tank/DPS, Hunter - Ranged, Mage- Arcane, Shaman - Resto and Warlock. To discuss further please leave a reply on this post.

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