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    I'm not a good player by any stretch, but I feel sad every time I see him on my team. I don't think I won a single game with him, and only lost one against. The only setup I can see him working is a sort of long ranged deathpush with chromie, hammer and arthas, where he helps zoning.

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    That moment, when you have set up your pylons and fire the enemy to death... and then there are many moments, teams running around half the map, chasing each other and I'm like.. guys.. just a bit to the left, there is my pylons. Nah, fuck your mana. Okay
    Or I'm playing horribly wrong - defense nice, offensive meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daws001 View Post
    I'm enjoying Probius but the cd on pylons doesn't feel good. I'd rather see that go to a charge system (2 default, 3 w/lvl 20 talent) to allow for easier re-positioning/setup and getting his ult off. That's my biggest gripe. I understand from the AMA why they don't want him dropping multiple cannons down but I think they should look at the cannon build. It's a bit underwhelming.
    I agree with your point about the pylons. It feels so weird for almost every other ability that 'multiplies' to have charges, and this one that's so critical to his character being on a static cooldown single charge.

    The canon isn't essential for me as I focus on my own rift build (http://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/tale...s#24.0!1221221) which differs from what most build guides recommend. Essentially this allows me to place a rift after I fire off a pulse, and as the pulse returns, it hits the rift right on time to detonate. 2 rifts is enough to outright kill lower HP heroes in mid and late game while still dealing huge damage to high health heroes (even Diablo takes a massive chunk of damage).

    The canon is just extra damage on top, and something to let towers focus on while I line up rifts. Canon and Pylons also work as a distraction for mobs which can give your side enough time to push forward without anything stopping you. It's also handy that you can overload them remotely and potentially force a retreat from the enemy team while you're either sat recovering in base or heading back to lane.

    I'm enjoying Probius. His downsides are the speed boost being disabled when he's damaged and that he doesn't seem to fit into the specialist role. He's got some basic support features when specced, he's got some assassin capabilities from the start, but his specialist side of things seems to be "Does lots of damage to all the things", which again brings him back to assassin. The cooldown on Pylons is frustrating if you're trying to do a staggered move but then have a massive gap in which you can move a huge distance. You're waiting 30 seconds before you can overcharge effectively, or 45 seconds if you're specced for 3 pylons at 20.

    Personal things I'd like to see to bring him in line with the specialist role;
    - An optional/key [1] ability to warp in a limited time SC2 protoss unit such as a Zealot (which charge > snare) as long as it's cast in a power field
    - Shields to be generated on Probius while in a power field up to 100% of Probius health as a baseline ability

    - Replacing Repulsor (level 16) with an ability that makes warp rifts last indefinitely (or replace Shield Capacitor [level 4] with this if the previous suggestion also agreed)
    - Worker Rush not breaking on damage
    - Pylons having a charge system

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    Probius could use some cooldown reductions on his cannons and pylons. Also, it would be nice to be able to summon more than 2 pylons at a time.

    I'm sticking to Gazlowe for now.

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    I want to like Probius, I mean I like the looks/sounds/idea.. I'm always all about the weirder characters.

    That being said, it just takes far too long to achieve any kind of setup.
    Pylons are a general pain in the neck with their cd + lack of charges.
    Turrets feel like an afterthought.
    To do any damage, I can only play the rift build, and they're pretty easy to avoid.
    And oh god, Tracer. GET OFF ME *dies*

    I wonder what they will do with Proby, still kinda hoping for a more "build stuff" kind of hero, and screw having any other attacks.
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