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    The weirdest game you've played.

    So I just got out of a few comp games as a full 6 queue at 1650-1800 rating where the other team was also a 6 queue, but they weren't playing the objectives at all. They were all VASTLY superior players, we ended up spawn camped in every game, except they would let us take the points before they proceeded to thoroughly wipe the floor with us.

    The only thing any of them said was "we speak cantonese" when we asked why they were doing this. I assume they're together tanking ratings so they can have some fun destroying low rank players, and hey, if they're giving out free wins at the same time I'm certainly not complaining.

    We played these guys 3 times in a row and the whole time we're all going "wtf is happening right now?" and it got me wondering, have any of you played a game that's had you thinking "wait what's going on here?"

    Share your crazy stories!

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    Played a couple games with a small group intentionally trying to tank their ratings, but they weren't weird, just frustrating. Wish they had done a full six group instead of just sabotaging the games by instalocking useful heroes and then hanging around on the backfield all match but WHATEVER.

    Only "weird" game I've been in lately was the game where we decided to do all support for giggles, so it was five supports and a hanzo. We won.
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    Certainly a weird experience when you've got your DM up, covering your Pharah to take out Bastion; and she just takes off and out of your protection to get instantly ripped to pieces...

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    Watch those objectives. So I solo queue into a Quick match and am paired with a team of 5. The match had already started, we are attacking on Eisenwald and we have a solid meta. So I figure I'll take Roadhog out for a quick sit rep and change as needed. Holy hell. It seemed as though my team was being picked off and no one was working together. I decide to just head for the payload. I don't see anyone. My team or the enemy. I stand on the payload and ride it to the gate. Where I finally meet an enemy Bastion who is too busy spraying wall art to pay me any mind. I continue to ride the payload to the first corner and Bastion wakes up. We duel... hook, bam, bam dead Bastion. Second corner Bastion comes out of their respawn area and waves. Payload delivered. Victory. I'm left baffled AF.
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    whenever I play a quick match and people are throwing it for no reason are pretty weird, especially thios one, where a Mei and Roadhog are roll playing... :P
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