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    All these threads about mass burnout yet more guilds popup, more people popup...I do wonder.
    Well I don't know what you're talking about, on my server tons of low-end mythic guilds are struggling with rosters, on usual raiding evenings you can easily see them trying to pug people from trade for mythic NH, which means they don't have enough guild members to fill the raid. The recruitment spam is immense as well, so either slots aren't being filled, or even if they are, more people are quitting than joining.

    And then we obviously have the "finished hc wanna move onto mythic" guilds that are just struggling hopelessly to expand their roster since most mythic capable raiders are already in some form of mythic guilds (even if low progressed ones).

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    People quit and burnout in every expansion it's nothing new. The main problem that Legion has compared to any other expansion is that it costs a shit ton to server transfer and faction transfer. It should not cost as much as a triple A game to transfer a single character. Especially since most high end guilds now require 2-3 alts as well so if you were currently in a guild where you needed 2-3 alts you'd either need to transfer 3 characters or re level 2 characters.

    Then even after you've spent the huge amount of money to transfer your character you may not even like this new guild. The new guild may even disband right after you join, which I've heard has happened a few times.

    As a tank there is no other guild with similar progress on my realm that is recruiting a tank. I'd have to drop down from a 9/10M guild to a 4/10M, maybe 5/10m guild just to stay on my server. My only option to continue raiding would be to server transfer but since I'm not currently playing the OP druid or the strong monk tanks it is very unlikely I'll be taken by any guild with a similar progress either. That's if I decide to shell out another £50 to server/faction transfer.

    At this point I have to ask myself why I bother playing? It's to raid. Why do I like raiding? In previous expansions I liked the challenge they offered, I liked playing with friends and I liked being rewarded with high item level gear. Well the raids aren't hard anymore. Tanking is completely braindead. We do minimal DPS so DPS min/maxxing isn't a massive thing, threat is a non issue and our survival is mostly on healers. Anyone gets high item level gear from the stupid titanforge system. Oh you did a mythic+10 that you didn't even get in time have a 905 item that is better than or equal in power to most of mythic Nighthold. So at the moment I'm only playing to raid with friends, so if something happens to my guild I lose the last thing keeping me in the game and I'm not spending £50 on the offchance I might make new friends in a guild, if I can find one.

    At this point I'm begging for 10man mythic to be released because it just isn't sustainable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iyatsu View Post
    Doing the same dungeon 100 times because you need the AP is not too much content.
    Doing 1-3 difficulties of a raid due to titanforging/legendary drop chance is not too much content.
    Going back and doing old raids in the hopes of a good legendary is not too much content.
    Doing the same world quests daily in the hopes of a legendary is not too much content.

    It's is the same content repeated constantly. There is not "too much content in this expansion" it's average when looking at previous expansions.
    It's repetitive and boring which makes gamers start looking for other stuff to do, they return when something new comes and then take off again. I think Blizz is improving on giving gated-paced doses of content instead of the burst-and-long-drought of the last two expansions. Long term big picture I believe the Legion way will be the future.

    Lots of quality of life issues still to fix including heavy RNG overuse but hey c'est la vie. Live and learn.
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    I think more and more people are realizing that they are literally wasting their time playing this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halstinavos View Post
    I feel like it was weird, because from one week to the next, our raid attendance was basically cut in half and nobody left the guild, they all just simply stopped playing the game. Many of them have not even logged in now for 2 weeks or so.

    Anyone else experiencing this level of burnout in their guild?
    Yeah, that was Highmaul for one of my week pushing heroic/mythic HM with 25 people, the next week we only had like 10 people on. And this was very early in the expansion, like a month or month and half into WoD. It wasn't a guild split or takeover or anything like that. They just quit playing.

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