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    <Dark Democracy> has formed a solid Mythic raiding core that is ready to move on to Nighthold! We have a laid back raid atmosphere but expect personal responsibility and high performance; we want to take down these bosses without raiding 5 nights a week, so everyone needs to be on point while we're there.

    Currently 7/7M (Cutting Edge!) and 3/10M Nighthold!

    Holy Paladin
    Havoc Demon Hunter
    Moonkin Druid
    DPS Warriors

    Always considering exceptional applicants of any class!

    Loot Council.
    Raids are Tues/Wed 8:00-11:30pm EST, Heroic on Sunday.
    75% monthly attendance, Sunday excluded.
    890+ Item Level.
    Minimum 45 traits in main spec Artifact.
    500k+ Single Target DPS.
    Appropriate consumable use at all times for progression.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Zangetsu-Durotan(ichig0999#1816), Xdk-Durotan, Malacki-Durotan, Lemington-Durotan, Darosent-Durotan (Darosent#1386) or Academics-Ysera.

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    Left Shark 9/10M Reform on US-Azgalor is currently looking for a balance druid to round out our mythic roster.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    8:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST


    About Us:
    Left Shark recently reformed in Legion after our previous guild broke down from the Legion burnout. Our roster is comprised of members who have a long history of great progression background in the top 50, and we seek to continue that on a light, 3 day schedule. We seek to keep the friendships we've developed over the years and invite newcomers to join our community for future content. Our goal is to get content down while they're relevant, while also building friendships that lasts a lifetime.

    Raider Expectations:
    Raid time is sacred, players are expected to have proper raiding etiquette and understand that we have limited hours to get progression done. We don't run a big bench, so know what is expected of you in a tight-knit group of players who play to win; performance and attitude is very important. We don't harbor or promote drama, if you think being rude is funny because you're immature, this guild is not for you.

    High end experience is a plus, but if you're not of that background, don't hesitate to apply, we believe in hidden gems and untapped potential in players. If you want to join our community, contact one of our players, or add the Bnet# listed below to get more details.

    Thank you for your time, and good luck in your search.

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