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    Catastrophically bad. Like the ones I Need for my 'super perfect rotation'™ are never seen. Never. Don't exist. I have really awful relics that boost my ilevel but not a thing else.

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    Mostly 850 relics in every spec (my general ilvl is 910-ish). It seems I'm unlucky - or not "dedicated" enough to farm them endlessly.

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    4 weeks on hunter in nighthold lfr and got 1 item...... wasnt a relic.

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    got 2 900 relics from latest 2 m+ weeskly chests, too bad they were utility bonuses, last week 3 seals used on M skorp anomaly and trilliax, 2 AP and useless shoulders :S
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    Not at all lucky. I have one 865 EN HC, a 870 M+ and yesterday I finally had a 890 Frost Relic drop from starboy.
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    For a long time, like a matter of several weeks, my OS Affliction artifact was 3 or 4 ilvls higher than my MS Destro artifact. That was fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affenkatzen18 View Post
    Hello all

    I am just a little curious as to what item level your main spec weapon currently is.
    This is in no way a post to brag or boast around, just doing this for science!

    Thanks in advance
    Compared to many others- very lucky. But certainly not that lucky. I've seen virtually nothing drop in Heroic NH, and definitely nothing titanforged. I have had, which has brought me to 924, three weeks of 900 ilvl relics coming out of my Mythic+ cache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasontheking1234 View Post
    *Looks at the relic's ilvl*

    ........How in the fuck? Asmongold isn't even that ilvl yet, and he does pretty hardcore stuff. You're like one of the few people i've seen with that ilvl...

    Good luck killing off Kil'jaeden on heroic when it's releasd, while I kill em on LFR 8 weeks later....FeelsJellyMan
    Yeah ive alround been pretty lucky with my drops.
    1 on bonus roll (920 mythic titanforged)
    2 in Weekly caches (920+910)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Affenkatzen18 View Post
    Yeah ive alround been pretty lucky with my drops.
    1 on bonus roll (920 mythic titanforged)
    2 in Weekly caches (920+910)
    Yeah...Uhhh..same here man...

    Now, if you'll excuse me, time for me to hop onto my invinsible mount and Normally Farm Mythic Gul'dan with my ilvl 930 Ret...yeah....totally

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    I've had bad luck with relics for a long time and did EoA 14 and 15 last night and got the 880/890 Storm relic twice that finally put my weapon over 900 ilvl threshold.
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    Maybe rather "unlucky weekly chests" but I just picked up 3rd relic from a weekly chest in a row....3rd time in the same slot (storm), 3rd time same crappy trait...basically I got the same fking item 3 weeks in a row. I mean, there's shitload of items in dugeons and I get that? Can't even use any of those in other specs fml story

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    Not all too unlucky, got 2 875 ones not too long ago, still have a 855 i cant seem to get away.
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    Not that lucky, 890. Keeping all Seals for extra rolls but no luck so far. Press on, Heroes

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    Pretty unlucky. My weapon is 922, I think, last relic upgrade was ~ 6 weeks ago. Problem is that most NH relics suck for me, i.e. they need to proc high titanforged to be worth using, which is not happening.

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    yea @@@@ that drops are like a ghost on my toon. I run 20 mythic keystone + and get like one loot a week from the chest in my order hall.... The only thing I ever see in the stupid keystones is artifact power or gold. In fact I just finally got one shoulder item that was a upgrade from that weekly chest its been like 4 months since Ive gotten gear I needed other then legendaries... Im only 883ilvl.

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