ALIVE est in 2006 is currently 9/10 NH hc and is looking for more people to make the raid group bigger as we have always primarily been a small tight knit guild (10-15 ppl),

We have mostly known each other for many years and in that regard alot of us are like family,The guild has always been stable and always clears the current content in heroic difficulty, but we are looking to add to the roster to boost the numbers up so we can have a look into mythics, We have some great players who some rank in the top 5 in parses for the server consistantly.

We raid on WED/THU/SAT nights, generally 2/3 nights will be progression and the other an alt run / gear up new guys. we always run mythic dungeons and usually can be found on discord.
Interested or want to know more don't hesitate to whisper me in game (vøid/xedge/míkasa) or add me on BN ~ kaparo#2992 for a chat.

Thanks for reading