Whats Pawp'N fams!

<Denied> - Altar of storms is currently looking for 2-3 dps to fill the roster guild to move into mythic Nighthold progression

Raid Times
Tuesday/Thursday 7-11pm Server time (7-11pm Est)
Raid Progression
Sunday (not a strict day/optional) 7/8-11pm Server time (7/8-11pm Est)
Farm and or finishing up a raid.
Current Dps recruiting
WW Monk
Enhanc Shammy
(All classes except Warrior, Priest, Druid, and Mage will be considered)

About Us!

<Denied> is a guild created in legion with a roster of 300+ members, and most active afternoon/evening. We run Mythic keystones when not raiding and nightbane runs. We try to get people a +15 keystone every week for the weekly 900+ loot. We are players that can get things done and still have a chill and relax enviroment.
We do use a loot council system and the addon "Rclootcouncil" is a must. We also provide logs from raids.

Just be able to take criticism without getting hurt, Show up for raids (im not going to flip if you have real life things to address and miss some just let me know), dont have thin skin we do poke at eachother but only for good fun, and be willing to learn and grow!

Final Thoughts
If interested in mythic raiding and joining an amazing guild please contact me
Ingame name: Ianthezkid-Altar of storms
BattleTag: Ianthezkid#1452
Discord: Ianthezkid