The Squirrel Mafia - Alliance - US Stormrage (PvE)

4/10M NH - 2/3M TOV - 7/7M EN

About TSM

The Squirrel Mafia is a raiding guild that aims for steady progression while raiding a minimal schedule. We believe that while raiding demands commitment and responsibility, it does not need to demand it on a life-consuming level.

TSM is a group of real people where personality is welcome. This is not a faceless dragonslaying collective that just exists to kill bosses, acquire loot, and get bigger numbers on meters or smaller numbers on progression lists. We are people that enjoy the entire raiding process, the frustrations as well as the triumphs. If you genuinely want to raid, to see and work on content, I have absolutely no reservations recommending TSM to you.

Those were our founding principles, and ones that we have kept to for over 10 years.

Current Recruiting Needs

Exceptional DPS

  • All needs are for immediate raiding spots.
  • Exceptional Applicants will always be considered no matter current recruitment needs
  • Do not be afraid to apply if you are merely lacking gear/experience from just the current tier - that is the thing most easily fixed!

Raid Times

8:30 - 12:30 EST Wednesday
8:30 - 12:30 EST Thursday

Be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. 100% attendance is a MUST.

Final Words

You can find more information as well as file an application through our subreddit at

We also are now welcoming those who wish to have a home to pick up on some mythic+ groups regularly or heroic raids without stress. We are expanding our social side of the guild and hope you consider us as a home!

Thank you for your interest in TSM!