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    <Gray Parses Only> 10/10H Tu/Wed 10pm-1amEST

    Check out <Gray Parses Only>!!
    We have a discord channel set up, where we will be posting videos of us raiding, you can get to know the atmosphere of our guild. We also have a channel where we’ve posted logs. If you would like to know more feel free to contact us!

    <Gray Parses Only>

    About Us: < Gray Parses Only> is a heroic raiding guild looking to push mythic content, located on
    Stormrage. When we’re not raiding, we’re hanging out in discord, usually running groups. We accept casual players as well, have the occasional PvPers and are always look to push mythic plus’.

    Raid Schedule: Tues 10pm-1am EST & Wed 10pm-1am EST (also optional raids hosted Sunday)

    Progression: 10/10H NH 3/3H ToV 7/7H EN

    Inquire Today!
    If this interests you, add one of us on battle.net!

    For any questions/inquiries:
    Join our recruitment discord discord.gg/DUU3D4E
    Or add Mastablastah#1100, Cathandris#1297, Amgpoptarts#1504

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    Looking for all specs? Healers in particular?

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    We do have roles we'd like to fill, but we will look at any and all inquires!

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    Still looking for more to add to the roster

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    Spots filling up, still looking at any and all inquires, add our bnet info

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    Howdy folks! Doing a normal and some heroic bosses in NH right now! Add me to join up today or just to chat about potentially joining a fun, casual guild with people on all the time to do whatever you want with! Val#1862 !! Add me

    Aveline's amazing work!

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    Still LFM, add us!

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    Looking for a few more solid players to fill the roster, add us!

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    Currently starting mythic progression (Skorp downed), still recruiting and looking for solid players with great attendance!!

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    Still recruiting!

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    Bang!!!!!!! Need More

    Aveline's amazing work!

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    Boop 4/10m

    Aveline's amazing work!

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