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    Ret Trinkets (I know again)

    I usually run with 875 CoF & 885 +socket Claw. I just happened to roll tank in one of our H-EN alt runs just to build up some offspec gear and I got a 915 Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor. My dilemma is it has a lot of strength (2372) on it and the proc is an Ichor that increases your versatility by 3K. The proc is based around taking damage so I'm not sure. I thought I'd shoot it out here and get others thoughts on it

    Thank you!

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    thesilverhand.net has an excellent breakdown of trinkets, even how they interact with specific legendaries you may or may not have. I would suggest heading over there and checking it out.


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    Quite disappointed that guide does not sim heirloom trinket which is decent stat wise , the procc has around 40% uptime and scales amazingly well against demons. So if it is about ichor u should just use heirloom trink.
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    If it is a fight with a lot of aoe damage might be wurf it

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    got myself a LFR CoF.
    What I have is 875 Haste Chain from Odyn and 865 Arcanecrystal.
    What do I do?
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    You sim it.

    CoF can only be better for fights where you can get an additional crusade from it, at least a part of it...

    Assuming CoF proccs around 4 times for ret, so you reduce crusade cd by ~20 seconds. What fight length would be worth using it?

    0 - 100 seconds => wasted
    100 - 120 seconds => godlike (one additional crusade)
    120 - 150 seconds => advantage that fades continously
    150 - 200 seconds => wasted
    200 - 240 seconds => godlike (one additional crusade)
    240 - 270 seconds => advantage that fades continously
    270 - 300 seconds => wasted
    300 - 360 seconds => godlike (one additional crusade)
    360 - 390 seconds => advantage that fades continously
    390 - 400 seconds => wasted

    Every fight length above 400 seconds you will most likely get an additional crusade, so using CoF is almost always worth using.

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    Thanks Xorrhal. I'll try simming it and seeing what happens. Also, we tend to be on the long side of fights for our guild so COF probably is better for now.

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