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Thread: Mining Rank 3s

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    Mining Rank 3s

    So, am I missing something? I'm rank 2 in most of my legion mining skills - I haven't done any dedicated farming since a few months into Legion, but I do pick up nodes as I pass them. Surely I'd have picked up a rank 3 quest item for atleast 1 type of node by now.

    At this point I'm considering just dropping it for another crafting prof anyway, but I'm curious as to your results.

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    I am in the same boat as you. Except that I do not consider dropping the profession.
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    rank 3 mining feels like rank 3 flasks, you can craft 1 flask get rank 3 recipe, you can craft 2000 flasks not get it.

    you can mine 1 node rank 3, 2k nodes nothing etc.

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