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    Someone said we need 60k Order Resources for when 7.2 hits, why is that?

    He said for the new research in the order hall and the artifact. Can anyone clarify?

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    Your order hall will have 2 new abilities (like the one that gives a bonus roll, the one that gives an automatic WQ completion, or the one that lets you wear 2 legendaries).

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    that only 50 k 20 k for the first and 30 k for the second new row .

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    The new upgrades are 10k and 20k.

    There are additional items like mounts, pets and toys you can buy in 7.2, depending on class. They used to be 10k each but are now only 1k.

    But you needn't rush to get that 30k for upgrades, it will take some time before you can even unlock the research. You'll have plenty of time after 7.2 launches to gather most of what you need.

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