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    auto hotkey helps with any classs
    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne01 View Post
    I believe your hands should be cut off. As I feel your opinions prove your not fit to type.
    Gen Off-Topic being hella ruthless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draugr View Post
    No, any class its faceroll after u l2p.
    That's the sort of comment I expect from someone who plays melee--zero idea of what it takes to play anything that requires actual thought and effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Requimortem View Post
    That's the sort of comment I expect from someone who plays melee--zero idea of what it takes to play anything that requires actual thought and effort.
    Ur comment its like the comment of Dijsselbloem about southern europe countries.
    Both are sad comments.

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    BM hunter or havoc DH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conflux View Post
    Definitively assa rogue. Easiest to play, very easy to handle, basically the easiest class to have high dps even if you play badly. Very easy on your wrist finger arms.

    Pro arguments :

    - Can be played by basically anyone
    - Only need a few buttons
    - Extremely high dps output. Doesn't require much skill
    - Is easy to handle even for melee standards
    - You get a lot of loot, because you look good in damage meters, even if your warcraftlogs %perf is low. Guild loot that is.
    - You don't even need to use your fingers for defensive cooldown. You have cheat death easy mode.
    - You don't need to conjure food, summon people, but down a healthstone
    - Virtually no responsibility other than doing damage. Our raid leader even tell our rogues to tunnel target, because he doesn't want to make things complicated for them. It is very common for (good) guilds to have their rogues do nothing but strong dps.

    Cons :

    - All combinations of "death", "venom", "killer", "assassin", "shadow" and "blade" names are taken.
    Meanwhile I play Subtlety Rogue and I have to plan my macromanagement and micromanagement for every encounter lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Requimortem View Post
    Anything melee (especially Demon Hunters) since they can be played with your face if your arm/wrists/fingers get tired.
    lol. Not true, but funny.

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    Dont play surival hunter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    [...] black people have no power, privilege they cannot be racist since they were oppressed.

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    I think there were a lot of good suggestions, but the most important being: it might not be as much what class you play, but how you are interacting with the game.

    I main a brewmaster monk which has a high apm compared to most classes. On M Bot last night I was around 70 cpm. (For a nice comparison, our BM hunter had 44 cpm on the same fight.) I am able to sustain this by using a Logitech MMO mouse which has a built in modifier button. Another HUGE help is that I use the mouse scroll wheel for my main two abilities. So for nearly 50% of my casts I'm simply moving the mouse wheel forward or back. This is also nice for "spamming" an ability. No mashing of keys, just a nice smooth scrolling motion. I almost never need to move my left hand from the wasd keys. Another item which could help is a gamepad - I have a Logitech G13 that I use off and on. It helps with the ergonomics and gives you more options. On that thought, do you use a 10-key keyboard? My main one is without a numberpad so that my arms can be at a narrower angle while playing. It might also be worth considering the position of your body as you play. Do you lean back? Forward? Are your arms on your desk? The armrests of your chair? What angles are they?

    A more extreme option (which I have not tried), is to setup WoW to use a console controller. There is an addon, ConsolePort, which allows you to map all of your movement & bindings and play using just a PS4/Xbox/etc controller. I haven't used it, but there are videos of people raiding with it.

    Good luck!

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