Thread: Date for 7.2?

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    Question Date for 7.2?

    Have we heard or sleuthed a date yet, or are we still just guessing? What dates can be ruled out? What's the latest on end of PvP season?

    Apologies if all this has been settled, but a guild mate was asking and I told him there'd probably be some good conjecture here.

    p.s. Yes I know that ToS is a separate date. I'm just asking about the date for the patch: legendary changes, spec changes, etc.

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    I'm a somewhat professional predictioner.

    It's a joke, but still.

    Judging from the way they posted about 7.1.5, 7.1, pre-downloads, readiness and all, I would say...

    ~2 weeks? Stretching it is max 3 weeks.

    If we get lucky, we get it on this 28th, a long shot.

    They usually start the previews about a month before release, well, the more "specific ones", for almost every patch they've done this, because it makes sense.

    Updates to probably come with this week's Developer stream.

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    28th or 4th are prime candidates, they wouldn't announce the pvp season ending "soon" and then stretch it out for 1.5-2+ months

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    28th, with the Q&A for 7.2 this week its for sure.

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