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    Eh, well, we've probably equally lost the same amount of PvE players from 'World First' and Mythic raiding Guilds. Don't necessarily think it's a specific thing, but rather a whole slew of reasons to why people stop playing.
    Or they play different servers or Destiny 2.

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    Arena lacks scapegoats, and mercilessly informs you how much worse you are at the game then you'd like to admit.

    Once I accepted that I'm just not that good it became a lot more fun to me. Too bad it took 2 expansions for that to happen.

    Of course class balance is always a solid scapegoat.

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    Legion PvP favors classes that are mobile, have lots of instant abilities and hit like trucks. If you have to sit still for a second or so to cast something, you're leaving yourself open to being trampled, and that spell that took 1.2 seconds to cast is a wet noodle compared to say Strike of the Windlord that (used to) one-shot mages and Priests, or a demon hunter that pops up out of literally nowhere and eats you for lunch.

    I used to PvP with a rated team back in Cata and MoP, and that was fun. I never got above 1600 rating, but that was something. Nowadays rated groups demand super high ratings, and battlegrounds are a lost cause, made worse by the fact that you don't really get anything for it. It's actually faster to prestige from world quests than ever set foot in a BG.

    I would be more interested in PvP in general if it forced everyone to use the standard UI without any addons. As a healer, I'm usually facing an opposing team of Horde goons that immediately pick me out of the crowd on their little click app and CCs me into giving up completely. Unless I can freecast, I'm pretty useless to my team, and I can't cast anything if I'm surrounded by 3 tauren fury warriors who can global my poor priest before I can think "cast penance", and I can't shake them or hide from them or expect my team to help me, making my gameplay more "wait 30 seconds at the spirit healer" than "heal my team". It's probably better in rated, but healing random BGs is a complete waste of time.

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    I would, but the tirade I would go on would get me infracted. So I'll keep it simple: Too unbalanced, and the average mental capability of the people who DO like PvP is around age 5.
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argorwal View Post
    Arena lacks scapegoats, and mercilessly informs you how much worse you are at the game then you'd like to admit.

    Once I accepted that I'm just not that good it became a lot more fun to me. Too bad it took 2 expansions for that to happen.

    Of course class balance is always a solid scapegoat.
    Being good in pve is different than being good in pvp. Its 2 different things But I guess you know that, I feel the same way as you. Solid in pve but I suck ass in pvp. And I've seen the same vica versa. I think for one that pvp players are better overall with their class with all the extra tools they need, but on the other hand, good pve-players are better at spesifics in their spec.

    But thats how I feel
    Okay, so I am gonna trap the blu..."FOR KAZ MODAAAAN"

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    I think it's just too "flavor of the month" for most people. There are usually a handful of classes that are good every patch and the rest are just flat out bad. People that play these "flavor of the month" classes will try to tell you that you are bad, but don't listen to them. They are the type of toxic players that make WoW PvP even worse.

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    When i am a arcane mage and warlocks, shadow priests and balance druids can just stand there nuke me outdmg me something is wrong.

    All of them have cc, interrupt abilities these days as good as mages but they also now do the same dmg as me.
    The only problem is blizzard never gave me there healing or defense abilities.

    And that is why i ignore pvp they buffed classes but never gave stuff to classes that only had one power and for arcane mages it was you could outburst any other class with dmg but currenly this is not the case anymore.

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    Matchmaking is horseshit,
    Battleground balance is horseshit,
    Class balance is horseshit,
    Spec balance is horseshit,
    Race balance is horseshit,
    No sense of progression in an MMO is horseshit,
    Plenty of other things to do that are 1) Less frustrating 2) More rewarding
    Endless list of games that do PvP better whether it is a shooter, moba, or otherwise

    Honestly in a game that has always heavily leaned towards PvE; Blizzard won't ever make PvP relevent without major incentives for PvE first players to participate. One incentive used to be PvE gear being relevent in PvP. Another was PvE like alterac valley. Without these incentives and really no PvE incentives to speak of there is minimal interest from the large PvE portion of the playerbase.

    I only do PvP on a whim now when I have literally nothing else to do. I am usually swiftly reminded why I hate it and quickly log out after to play anything else. In Vanilla I PvP'd almost daily and for fairly long periods of time. The feel of PvP is so vastly different now I just can't enjoy it.

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    In legion the character feels so different when going into PvP so it feels sort of strange and ruined. Used to play some PvP (never at any high bracket) before but the new system made me say goodbye.

    Like others said, there are sooo many PvP focused games around that does it better. WoW's PvE endgame is strong so I'm not missing PvP that much.

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    I used to play the game mostly for PVP in the past. I adored classic world pvp (Tarren's Mill) and absolutely loved the hell out of Alterac Valley. To a lesser, but still pretty high extent, I really enjoyed the other BGs too.

    I've always hated arena, as the format just isn't true RPG PVP in my eyes, and zero enjoyable to me. Also really didn't like rated BGs, either - tried a few times with random groups, but the level of toxicity and general saltiness made them thoroughly unenjoyable.

    Today, world PVP is in its worst state ever (but has been quite dead for a long time anyway). Classic AV obviously hasn't been around for ages.

    So that pretty much leaves random BGs for me. And while I have played and enjoyed these for a really long time, I can't really get into them anymore these days. Lots of issues (terrible balance, plus honor ranks don't feel as motivating to me as a gear hunt) - most of all though .. the most recent battleground they released is now 5 years old. There was absolutely no new BG content for FIVE years. That was just insanity. Not very surprisingly, these eventually started to get really boring to me as well.

    (I've unsubbed several months ago, so not sure how it's looking right now .. have heard something about new skins such as a winter AB, but guess still no really new map or gamemode)

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    Well, the core problem for me is that most PvP players, who are still active, have a million years worth of experience more than me. So regardless of what I do, I end up being swiftly reminded that I need to go back to PvE. Because in a BG or arena I am the guy wearing the 'Free Lunch' sign around his neck. There no longer seem to be any way of starting from near zero PvP experience and then slowly working your way up. You just get crushed repeatedly without actually getting to do anything.

    I used to do a lot of AV back in BC, where I would go in wearing full BT PvE gear with tons of mana regen and just spam heal our raid, energizer bunny style. Really felt like I made a significant difference a lot of the time, so that was fun. Of course without PvP gear I'd quickly die when singled out, but the fun times easily made up for than.

    Nowadays... nothing like BC (or even classic) AV anymore. Played Ashran a bit in WoD, but have hardly played any PvP in Legion. May try to sneak a bit of WQ 'PvP' in at some point.
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    I just don't enjoy pvp. Constantly getting CC'd and not being able to do anything about it is annoying, as well as the fact jump spamming like a lunatic makes you harder to hit is equally annoying.

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    Nothing is ever 'balanced'.

    It seems one team always has more healers/tanks.

    Some classes spend months, entire patches 'brokenly' powerful in PVP.

    Some BGs are just dumpster fires.

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