I'm looking for a long term progression raiding guild. The previous guild I trialed with was not a good fit, and so I'm looking again.

I have an extensive raiding history, going all the way to BC as a healing priest. Both holy and disc.

What I'm looking for:

- Raids 2-3 days a week
- A guild with similar or better progression (3/10M)
- Active and social
- Horde preferred
(Will consider Alliance for good guild.)
- Loot Council System
- Have logs for me to review

What I can offer:

- Competence
I study fights, review logs, and go over different strategies.
- Exceptional Attendance and Reliability
7:00CST-12:00; Any day except Friday and Saturday
- Experience with my class/spec and mechanics from previous expansions.
When you say a mechanic works like another boss, I will know your meaning.
- A Team Player
- Ability to accept constructive criticism
- Current Logs:
Available on request. (Can't post links here.)

Please contact me through battlenet;