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    908 8/10M Frost DK LF guild

    Guild recently disbanded after killing Mythic star augur, so here I am looking for a new home. Btag is Kelraz#11581.
    Ilvl is 908 equipped, with the 3 BiS frost legendaries - The wrists, ring and belt. I have pretty good knowledge of simcraft and can understand mechanics fairly quickly.
    I currently raid 12 hours per week but I am open to mostly any raid times. Current guild had to disband due to a few people leaving extremely quickly and many other issues.
    Logs and picture of my ui are available one request. Thanks for spending time reading this post and hit me up if you guys are recruiting a frost dk thanks!!

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    Hey there, this is Rowin with Business Class on Sargeras. Currently we're 8/10M and are looking to add to the roster with a few good people. I'm not going to waste your time with a page of guild spam but just give you the basics:

    Raid: T/W/T 7:45-11 Server
    Progression: 8/10M
    Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
    Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows what goes on)
    Web: BC-Guild.com
    me: Rowin#1764 (most important)

    I hope you'll check us out and feel like apping, we're a pretty cool bunch of people...although, I'm pretty biased.

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    About the Guild:
    Top Horde Mythic Guild on Blackhand/Galakrond, <Ambiguously Offensive>, is opening recruitment for Legion. We have been raiding together for the entirety of Warlords of Draenor and plan to continue that through Legion and beyond.

    Guild Name: Ambiguously Offensive
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: (US) Blackhand / PvE
    Realm Timezone: Central
    Raid Times: 7-9 pm Server (8-10 pm EST)
    Progression: 5/10 Mythic Nighthold
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Voice Service: Discord

    What we expect:
    We expect commitment to the guild and our raid schedule. We understand that real life happens and won't punish you for that, but we need to be informed before hand if you will miss raid times. However, if it is a constant problem, we will have to seek replacements.
    Guild repairs and Raid items are supplied by the guild bank. All we ask in return is for raiders to do their part to help make sure that our bank stays stocked.
    We will not tolerate toxic behavior in Guild, Raid, or Trade chat. There is plenty of friendly competition and teasing to be had, but if any individual is known to regularly say or do things that make people uncomfortable or unsafe, they will be removed from guild.

    Contact us:
    Contact me on Battle.net:


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    Mar 2012
    Midnight Sanctuary is a Stormrage Alliance raiding guild that's been around for many years. We're always looking for potential players that meets our late night schedule and are able to perform in a competitive, yet friendly raid environment.

    Our History:
    Tier 19 - EN/ToV/NH - US 57th
    Tier 18 - Hellfire Citadel - US 77th
    Tier 17 - Highmaul - US 66th / BRF - US 44th
    Tier 16 - Siege of Ogrimmar - US 67th
    Tier 15 - Throne of Thunder - US 24th
    Tier 14 - MSV/HoF/ToES - US 23rd (Realm Firsts)
    Tier 13 - Dragon Soul - US 30th (Realm First)
    Tier 12 - Firelands - US 72nd
    Tier 11 - BWD/BoT/ToFW - US 96th
    Tier 10 - Icecrown Citadel - US 152th

    Current Progression:
    10/10M Nighthold
    3/3M Trials of Valor
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    Raid Schedule:
    Mon-Thurs 12AM-3AM (Eastern Standard Time)

    Current progression needs:
    Ranged DPS: Priest(high), Shaman(high), Mage, Druid, Warlock
    Melee DPS: Druid(high), Warrior(high), Hunter(high), Rogue, Paladin
    Healer: Priest(high), Paladin
    Tank: N/A
    We will also consider any exceptional applicants as well, so feel welcome to apply.

    Kuhz#1979 || Kuhz-Stormrage

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    What's it like showing up to recruit someone thirteen days after they post?

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