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    900 Shadow Priest LFG

    Booplesnoot 900 Shadow Priest (906 Unequipped) Looking for a raiding guild.

    I been raiding since BC took a break here and there along the way but prior to my current guild I've mostly been a mythic centered player. Although I am for end content I try to focus my "wow experience" on the social level. If i don't like you I probably won't wanna raid with you. That being said I don't see why the two can't be combined.

    Reason why I am feeling out potential guilds is my current guild which I've been in since BRF and am now an officer of has lost many of its core players and has been struggling to do mythic for weeks now. I do not enjoy running heroic until the next tier unlocks there is much content that I still want to clear and feel challenged by instead of sitting on my butt for 2 days because heroic was cleared in a single night by a roster of 12.
    I am the type of player who puts in effort to research and repeat aspects of this game to keep my character up to date and my knowledge of the content to that of a raid leader. A most recent example of that was killing gul'dan on multiple difficulty modes multiple times each week to coin for the trinket.

    Ideally I'd like to join a guild raiding on Eastern Time that's about decently progressed through nighthold mythic.
    I'm not making any final decisions until a week to a week and a half, joining a guild is a long term investment doing so on a whim is irresponsible and can waste both our times. Please respect my need for time as once I join I plan on remaining a member for a long period.
    I am located in the stormreaver server if your guild is too and would consider me for a core spot you'll get priority.

    My B-tag is Bart#1470.
    Post your spam below. leave your btag if I find you cute I'll message you.

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    Hey Booplesnoot,

    I was browsing the recruitment forum and think you would be a great fit for our guild. We have a core spot open for your class. We would LOVE to have you join us! Here is a little more information about our guild:

    <Internet Kings>2/10M Stormrage Alliance (PvE-EST)2 nights/week ▣ Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm & Sunday 8 - 11 pm EST ▣ Optional 3rd night farm Normal&Heroic/alt raid/future sales runs Monday 8:30 -11:30pm ▣ 6 HR Raid Week!Recruiting DPS & *1 Solid Healer* to complete our last couple spots of the 20 man roster.

    ▣ Holy Paladin
    ▣ Holy Priest
    ▣ Mistweaver

    Ranged DPS:
    ▣ Balance Druid
    ▣ Hunter
    ▣ Mage
    ▣ Shadow Priest
    ▣ Elemental Shaman
    ▣ Warlock

    Melee DPS:
    ▣ Monk
    ▣ Rogue
    ▣ Warrior
    ▣ Retribution Paladin
    ▣ Frost DK
    ▣ Enhancement Shaman
    ▣ Havoc Demon Hunter

    About us:

    <Internet Kings> *** 2/10M NH *** is a newly formed Stormrage alliance-based raiding guild. We are a solid, tight-knit team of like-minded players, who desire to raid efficiently and enjoyably. More than half of the guild has raided top-end progression (US 1st to US 40th guilds) and have recently come back to WoW for the expansion, Legion.

    We raid two nights a week, Thursday & Sunday. Thursday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST & Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST with an Optional 3rd night farm/alt raid Monday 8:30 -11:30pm EST. We are easygoing and laid-back, yet we want to get as much progress and boss kills in as we can in our 6 hours per week. We are all mature, veteran players (many from US top 20 guilds), with more than basic game knowledge, which will attribute to our progression in Tomb of Sargeras. Pushing to be the #1 2day/week guild on the server.

    We are looking for players that can perform at an acceptable level through your damage/healing, raid awareness, and your ability to deal with fight mechanics. Must be able to be dependable, have a working microphone, downloaded and use discord. Female friendly environment with multiple females in the raid group.

    For more information, please contact via bnet: [ADDED you on Bnet - cute name? Yes!]

    Recruitment Officers:
    Fern - Fernleaf#1673
    Mahes - ImmortLRoach#1490

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    Sargeras[A] Week-end Mythic raiding!

    About us
    Pledge of Insanity is a guild on Sargeras(Alliance). Our current progression is 7/7M, 2/3M, 4/10M and considering our light schedule, we expect everyone to come prepare and be on time. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge before each tier ends.

    Raid time

    Friday/Saturday 7h00 to 11h00 pm CST (Need to be online 15 before raid).

    Alt run : Sunday 8h00 CST

    *We do an optional normal run the first Tuesday of a tier release*

    btag : mat#11420, muffin#11683 or Kukicha#1872

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    <GT> Horde 7/7m 2/3m 5/10m located on Bleeding Hollow.

    Our raid times are as such:
    Tuesday 10-1:00AM EST
    Wednesday 10-1:00AM EST
    Thursday 10-1:00AM EST
    Invites generally go out at 9:45 PM EST

    Website: http://grouptherapy.guildlaunch.com/

    Dooflop#1873 - Me

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    Stoic is one of Bonechewer's oldest guilds; active since vanilla. We are on the Alliance side on the US-Reckoning battlegroup. Stoic is a group of friends who enjoy playing video games with each other, defeating challenging encounters, and pvping. We are an inclusive guild, whose members include many genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. We value loyalty, respect, and being awesome.

    Stoic has two raid teams:

    Wipes at 1% (7/10 Mythic) - This raid team's goal is to completely clear each raid tier before the next one is released. We expect a fairly high level of dedication and attendance from our members, but are accommodating of players needing to take a night off occasionally. We want players to avoid burning out, to enjoy the challenge of mythic progression, and to build lasting friendships within the guild.

    We keep our roster lean, so that we don't have to bench many players. While we consider ourselves hardcore, we don't do split runs, nor do we require players to switch to the "best" class at the time. We do however expect players to excel at their class, to understand how to optimize their talents for different encounters, and to learn how play multiple same-role specs of their class.

    We are currently looking to add a few members to our roster. Exceptional players of any spec and class are encouraged to apply. Our highest in-demand openings include:
    • Ranged dps (especially moonkin, hunter, warlock)

    We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 8 pm - 11 pm CST (server time).

    Death Viper Assassins (3/10 Mythic) - This raid team is a great fit for skilled players that don't have as much time for raiding or as much raid experience. It has more flexible attendance expectations, and the overall raid atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than that of cutting edge raiding. However, we do expect players to maintain a solid knowledge of their class, come prepared with with appropriate consumables, and be on time to maximize our 9 hour schedule. That being said, the team’s culture is the most critical aspect of raiding to us: a positive attitude, good listening skills, and drive to progress through content are all important for this team’s members.

    This team raids Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8 pm - 11 pm CST (server time), and is currently recruiting:
    • Ranged dps (especially shadow priest, warlock)
    • Resto druid or MW monk
    • WW Monk


    You can contact me with questions at darkinertia#1386

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    Who are The Gang Tries Raiding: TGTR are capital M mature people who love raiding (though it will be a good while before we dip our toes in the mythic pool) doing m+ dungeons and witty banter. We are a tight-knit guild who have filthy senses of humor, care about each other and ruheally enjoy downing bosses and getting geared.

    Activity level: We are in Discord daily, raid Thursdays (8-10pm) and Sundays (7-10pm) CST and have at least one group of mythic plus dungeoners online. Alts are the norm and welcome. We are developing PVP teams, pet battlers and will soon have our first pure socializing type event.

    Bring the deeps: We are casual but we want to start carving our initials into the foreheads of the big bads. We have some fleet fingered 500-750k dps single target and multiple millions aoe members and we are looking for more. If you heal like Velen himself (or want to) and/or make Germany's Leopard 2A7 look like a kitten, we will make room too. Come be a fat carp in our puddle. If you just want to hang out and shoot the, ahem, “breeze” you are also welcome.

    Social environment: We're social, funny and despite the salty language, pretty ethically minded folks. LGBT friendly (we have, and welcome, all kinds of genitals and what you want to do with yours is none of our business) non-ageist (unless you are sub 25, then we are virulently against your youth and vitality and you should get off our collective lawn post haste). We’re kind, we believe in taking care of our people and getting that wow specific kind of high that comes with raiding, high level mythics, pvp battles and finding shiny new transmog.

    Want to see if we fit: discord.gg/NqrZjVJ or add me zewife#2998 for a chat.

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    About the Guild:
    Top Horde Mythic Guild on Blackhand/Galakrond, <Ambiguously Offensive>, is opening recruitment for Legion. We have been raiding together for the entirety of Warlords of Draenor and plan to continue that through Legion and beyond.

    Guild Name: Ambiguously Offensive
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: (US) Blackhand / PvE
    Realm Timezone: Central
    Raid Times: 7-9 pm Server (8-10 pm EST)
    Progression: 5/10 Mythic Nighthold
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Voice Service: Discord

    What we expect:
    We expect commitment to the guild and our raid schedule. We understand that real life happens and won't punish you for that, but we need to be informed before hand if you will miss raid times. However, if it is a constant problem, we will have to seek replacements.
    Guild repairs and Raid items are supplied by the guild bank. All we ask in return is for raiders to do their part to help make sure that our bank stays stocked.
    We will not tolerate toxic behavior in Guild, Raid, or Trade chat. There is plenty of friendly competition and teasing to be had, but if any individual is known to regularly say or do things that make people uncomfortable or unsafe, they will be removed from guild.

    Contact us:
    Contact me on Battle.net:


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    Hi Booplesnoot! I'll leave our spam here...best of luck in your search!

    <Dark Democracy> has formed a solid Mythic raiding core that is ready to move on to Nighthold! We have a laid back raid atmosphere but expect personal responsibility and high performance; we want to take down these bosses without raiding 5 nights a week, so everyone needs to be on point while we're there.

    Currently 7/7M (Cutting Edge!) and 3/10M Nighthold!

    Holy Paladin
    Havoc Demon Hunter
    Moonkin Druid
    DPS Warriors

    Always considering exceptional applicants of any class!

    Loot Council.
    Raids are Tues/Wed 8:00-11:30pm EST, Heroic on Sunday.
    75% monthly attendance, Sunday excluded.
    890+ Item Level.
    Minimum 45 traits in main spec Artifact.
    500k+ Single Target DPS.
    Appropriate consumable use at all times for progression.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact Zangetsu-Durotan(ichig0999#1816), Xdk-Durotan, Malacki-Durotan, Lemington-Durotan, Darosent-Durotan (Darosent#1386) or Academics-Ysera.

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    Hello! I am the raid leader of Who Is John Galt, a Horde guild on Hyjal. We are currently 3/10M with a 10/10H weekly reclear in one day and we are currently looking for RDPS for our Mythic progression. We raid Tues, Thurs, Sunday at 730-1030 PST/930-1230CST/1030-130EST. If you are interested, hit me up with a btag invite Ailbhean#1965 and let’s talk more!

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    Eternal Force on the Ysera server, is 1/10M, 4/7M and 3/3H and is looking for another DPS. We raid Tues and Wed from 8-10PM EST. My battle tag is JRoc#1966. We use discord for Voice and the majority of our raiders are in their late 20s/early 30s. On off nights we do mythic plus, kara, pvp, alt runs, etc. Hit me up, would love to chat!

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    Booplesnoot-Stormreaver? Your logs look good. <Song of Storms> is an Alliance guild on Kel'Thuzad (PvP) with excellent players and pitiful attendance. We're currently 1/10M with several players with 3/10M experience We're looking to fill our roster with mature, enthusiastic players with reliable attendance, a positive attitude, and a willingness to research the fights since we only raid 2 nights a week, Tues/Thurs 6-9 CST. We're willing to pay for a cross server/cross faction transfer to KT to check out if the guild is a good fit and a transfer off if it doesn't work out. Our discord info is USx7M2S if you care to meet peeps and get a feel for the guild.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Booplesnoot-Stormreaver? Your logs look good. <Song of Storms> is an Alliance guild on Kel'Thuzad (PvP) with excellent players and pitiful attendance. We're currently 1/10M with several players with 3/10M experience We're looking to fill our roster with mature, enthusiastic players with reliable attendance, a positive attitude, and a willingness to research the fights since we only raid 2 nights a week, Tues/Thurs 6-9 CST. We're willing to pay for a cross server/cross faction transfer to KT to check out if the guild is a good fit and a transfer off if it doesn't work out. Our discord info is USx7M2S if you care to meet peeps and get a feel for the guild. I sent you a friend request if you'd like to talk further, Mercurial#1845.

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    Guild: <Far Beyond Insanity>
    Server: US-Stormrage
    Age Requirement: Mature adults (23+) (few exceptions have been made for the right person)
    History: Founding GM and Guild have been around for over 8 years now.
    Schedule: We have a 2 night raiding schedule, Tues/Wed 7:00-11:00pm EST.
    Hellfire Citadel
    13/13 Mythic (before Pre-Patch)

    Tier 19
    7/7 Mythic EN
    3/3 Mythic ToV
    8/10 Mythic NH

    Our Philosophy is to Raid Smart, Not Hard. Hardcore style raiding in only 2 nights. We are looking for players that are reliable, can work mechanics correctly, and who always look to improve oneself. We are NOT a casual raiding guild but one that raids seriously in only 2 nights. We believe in a good balance of life’s responsibilities and WoW is the goal to have both without burn out. We do run an aggressive and competitive raid environment but at the same time friendly and respectful.

    If interested tag me Krazy#1922
    Apply at www.fbiguild.enjin.com

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    Hey there, I think you'd be a really good fit for our Mythic group. We're a super active guild that has fun doing all facets of the game together. I sent you a friend request so we can chat, but here's a link to our post if you'd like to give it a read. My btag is Halosis#1645.


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    Hey there, this is Rowin with Business Class on Sargeras. Currently we're 8/10M and are looking to add to the roster with a few good people. I'm not going to waste your time with a page of guild spam but just give you the basics:

    Raid: T/W/T 7:45-11 Server
    Progression: 8/10M
    Tenure: On Sargeras since mid SOO (so we're not going anywhere)
    Loot: RC Loot Council + 1 core raider alternating weekly (so everyone knows what goes on)
    Web: BC-Guild.com
    me: Rowin#1764 (most important)

    I hope you'll check us out and feel like apping, we're a pretty cool bunch of people...although, I'm pretty biased.

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    Hey! I think you would be a good fit for us!

    [A]<Im on CD>-Frostwolf/Vashj 5/10M Look below for more info:

    Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 6:30p.m.-10:30p.m. PST

    Progression: 10/10H 5/10M

    Brewmaster (High Priority)
    Guardian Druid (High Priority)
    Protection Paladin (High Priority)
    Ranged dps:
    Elemental Shaman (Medium Priority)
    Warlock (Medium Priority)
    Mage (High Priority)
    Shadow Priest (High Priority)
    Melee dps:
    Frost Death Knight (Medium Priority)
    Fury Warrior (Medium Priority)

    80% Attendance
    Angry Assignments

    What we can offer you:
    -A friendly group of players who enjoy progression raiding
    -Flasks, potions, repairs, gems, and enchants provided for raiders
    -Mythic +'s daily
    -Loot Council: you can expect that distribution of loot will be handled in a way that benefits our raiding core as a whole
    -Active guild members even during non raid nights

    What we expect from you:
    -80% Attendance
    -Knowledge of your class
    -Positive attitude, patience, and ability to be a team player
    -Come prepared for every raid
    -Able to take constructive criticism
    -Sense of humor

    If you wish to progress into Mythic Nighthold with a guild that you can call home then contact our recruiters. We have brownies!

    Choga-Frostwolf (Choga#1882)
    Idy-Vashj (BrokenIce#1447)
    Vespersin-Vashj (wubwubwub#1316)

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