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    AOTC is fucking awful and needs to be removed from the game. My ilevel is 880 and I can't get into heroic nighthold pugs at all for gear. Not even normal ones anymore. It takes me an hour to find a group. And when I do I start seeing the higher geared people who are just in there for AP start saying ridiculous shit like "ONLY INVITE PEOPLE WHO ARE 900+ NOW" or "PUT AOTC ONLY IN DESC". For normal. There are other measures that can be put in place.
    One can easily get ilvl 900+ equipped just from running M+, without stepping into any raids.
    You're competing with all these people for the raid spot. I'm not surprised you can't get in.
    I think you should find a guild...

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    I see no problem with faking achievements to get into a pug, if you happen to be shit or not knowing what the fuck to do you will likely be called out and kicked regardless.

    On the other hand if you know what to do and you can play your class properly then no one will be the wiser and it really wouldn't fucking matter if it was a faked achievement or not.

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    Stop necroing threads from 2013....oh wait...

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