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    I have plenty of Heroes I want, but the one I am the most interested in is Baal. Heck, I even made a painting of him as a HotS character because I want him that badly.

    Yeah, I played through unmodded D2 again a while back and Baal is such an amazing villain. His interactions with Marius, making the guy go *SPLURT* in front of secheron (?) and an actual cool fight aswell. Overall feeling like a genuinly scary/arrogant opponent.

    Aside from Baal, Zoltan Kulle has to be added, ofcource, he was the true saviour of mankind yet unjustly slain (multiple times)!

    Oh, Gelbin too, we need a gnome. Probably a dreanei too but everyone knows gnomes are better and have seniority.

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    Prophet Velen or Vindicator Maraad. Let's get some Draeneis into HotS.

    Edit: I just thought of an Ult for Velen too. He can do the self sacrifice explosion from the Shadowmoon Valley cutscene in WoD. It would work like D'va's E ability, but more devistating if you are caught in it since its an Ult. He would respawn instantly back at the Nexus immediately after using it, but it wouldn't count as a kill for the opposite team.
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    Diablo: Imperius
    Starcraft: Firebat, Arcturus (no idea for how he'd play out, though)
    Warcraft: Kargath, Rommath (I also want that new BfA skin for Jaina)
    Overwatch: Zenyatta feels like a natural fit to HotS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuben View Post
    Arcturus (no idea for how he'd play out, though)
    Throwing just random idea here. I think he could be a weird mix of Ragnaros, Medivh and Abathur.

    Maybe he could indefinitely take over existing or destroyed structures (Building his headquarters). Since Terran buildings are mobile, maybe his main strengths should be altering the battlefield and providing support to his allies.

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