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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    Tone down the snark and aggression, I haven't insulted your mother.

    I didn't say they shouldn't be in the game. Don't put words in my mouth.
    I said Genji who can be played right now in one of the most popular games in the world is a lot less interesting and fun, because he has the same skillset and playstyle. Overwatch characters have a lot less established lore and thus are much less interesting, to me.

    The Starcraft characters are some heroes from Starcraft and some units from Starcraft, being able to play them as their standalone heroes in HotS is a lot different to playing them in an RTS setting, where some of them are just basic units or bound to a grander theme as units part of it. Moralez isn't a character in Starcraft, but inspired by a basic unit from Starcraft. Being able to play her as her own hero character is a lot different to just spamming out medics in your M-M-M ball of death in a game of Starcraft. Same thing with Probius, who's not a character but a unit from Starcraft that's been made into a hero. Same with Hammer. Those are fun heroes to play, because they take a unit and make something bigger out of them!

    The Diablo heroes are mostly playable characters from the current Diablo 3 though, which is why I find most of them uninteresting too but they have a lot more flavour to them than say Genji. Xul and Cassia are from the old D2, they're classic characters and not current content characters, which gives them flavour and adds to the fun of playing them in a new, updated setting with new updated appearances.

    Why would it rule out non-WoW heroes? The transition from an RTS environment of a 10 year old game into a new, playable character that looks great, has new voice work and everything, is a lot more interesting and fun than getting what by all appearances is a downgraded Genji. Overwatch fits it's own characters better inside itself and presents them better.

    No, I never made such an argument, don't put words in my mouth. I said it's not interesting. It's not fun. To me. That's all this is, my opinion about what I feel. So stop taking it so damned seriously.

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    I disagree. Overwatch looks a lot better. I just find that their characters fit more into that setting and play better in it as well.
    Seeing characters from old games or ulgier games come alive is more fun, to me. They can make more changes to an old character and their playstyle than they can to an Overwatch character, to whom they have to stay true to the playstyle, skillset and appearance.

    I'm not saying there shouldn't be Overwatch characters. I just find them very uninteresting in comparison to the others. It's just my point of view, I'm not saying it's the way of things or how others should feel. Overwatch is not interesting to me. The characters have no lore to them. THe other franchise are well...classic. Know what I mean?

    Yes the map looks mechanically interesting, even if the theme doesn't interest me.

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    I really recommend reading what I write instead of misinterpreting a third of it so you can white knight your favorite game, because that's not at all what I've bloody said.
    Oh yeah, totally white knighting on this board. You got me.

    Better to defend a company that wants to include all their IPs than whining like a child because of it.

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    I've never been a fan of Overwatch, and I don't care too much for them in Heroes, but I don't see them as a bad thing.

    They don't play how they do in Overwatch. While they have a lot of abilities and traits taken from Overwatch and might seem like 1:1 recreations, they don't play like Overwatch characters and are still 100% MOBA characters.

    Characters like Tracer and Lucio add quite a bit of freshness being able to attack while moving; a trait not usually seen in MOBAs. I think they add a great dynamic to the game that would otherwise be offsprings of more generic units like a SC2 Reaper instead of Tracer, or a Firebat instead of Zarya.
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    "Real" Demon Hunters don't work as a class in modern WoW
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    Please point out to me the player Demon Hunter who has Meta.

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    I thought Noomz was trolling....guess not lol

    I would've loved them to do a shimada bros event thing and introduce Hanzo into the game aswell. Would've been nice to introduce them both with Hanamura

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    I said Genji who can be played right now in one of the most popular games in the world is a lot less interesting and fun, because he has the same skillset and playstyle. Skillset maybe? But playstyle? Not a chance. They will play very differently, I guarantee it. An FPS with 3D space will never, ever play the same as a MOBA in a 2D space.

    Stop hating on it that they added a hero that you don't want to see.
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    Murder can be justified and to a certain extent I believe genocide can be justified aswell.

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    Some posts are closing on that line of infraction, please post respectfully.

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    2 cents from someone who havent played Overwatch with no intention to do so at all (fps is not my cup of tea, plus I dont have time or energy for more than one pvp game):

    I think Genji looks really cool and quite refreshing comparing to WoW/Diablo heroes. I obviously dont associate him with his Overwatch look&feel, but his animations looks like some ninja character back from the NES era, which I love.

    I havent played the new Starcraft, so chars like Alarak or Tassadar arent more familliar to me than Overwatch heroes...

    Also, I think the rest of Overwatch characters bring a lot of value to the HOTS, aesthetics and mechanics wise.

    Hanamura looks interesting too. Not convinced about the orbs/coins (it feels like 'another thing to remember about' rather than cool feature), but lets see.

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    The payload map is good, but the faux-Asian design looks atrocious.

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    This map has allows a ton of cheese crap, they definitely need to change it.

    First of all, just 7 health on Core is pathetic when you can get an extra shot for every fort/keep destroyed. You basically can just siege like a madman and fire 5 shots from one payload, then you just need to capture two more or just one and a boss. This means it is possible to sacrifice early objective for sieging and enemy team harassment. Considering you can have two payloads active at the same time, it is not that hard to accomplish. I rather have 14 health on core, capturing payloads fires two shots by default and keep one extra shot per fort/keep destroyed.

    Also another thing I don't really like are Heroes like Rexxar and TLV, all the units count towards speeding up the payload. So you can have 4 man stalling enemy team, while your TLV player can escort the payload super fast. Interested in if Abathur symbiote counts as second unit, I know symbiote counts as another unit when it comes to soaking experience and it also denies the Valeera level 7 Ambush talent (Extra damage against lonely target).
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    Honestly I really hate this new map. It does not seem fun to me. It seems so hard for the right side to get their bottom payload completed. It is just such a good choke point.
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    don't like the overwatch/Asian theme. don't like siege maps. wishing we could black list maps like in wow.

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    It's a pretty map and I find the mechanic more interesting than in Towers of Doom. Tried to get into Overwatch, but it just doesn't appeal to me if I play anyone other than Mercy (because I suck at playing the others? Very likely). The game's world and lore are very interesting though, so I would like to experience it more, even if it happens non-canonically in HotS.
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    Honestly this map does not seem like an Overwatch map to me. This instead should have been Deepwind Gorge. Just think about it. Mine carts you have on the map? Your team has to fight over a moving mines cart, King of the Hill style. Multiple along the map. So many resources spread out to get them each. Your team does not have their own to cap, each of you has a chance to cap it. I feel like this Hanamura map is missing this. This game should be a Bloodbath. A beautiful one.
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    Olaf can charge the enemy payload. Just witnessed it on Grubby's stream.
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    i hate this new map.
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