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    Preview of New Uther Rework

    Sample of PTR Uther

    I have been putting quite a bit of time playing Uther lately. I sort of feel it is the only healer that really clicks with me at the moment. How the video plays Uther is very similar to how I am currently playing Uther so I am happy that game play is still in for Uther.

    Some of the generic piano talents are gone. Shrink ray and Protective Shield are gone. Cleanse has changed form but still present, so is spell shield, and benediction.

    2 big changes for Uther. His basic healing abilities grants 25 armor for 2 seconds to everyone he heals. Holy Light also heals himself for 50% of holy light. This also applies the armor buff. This basically translates to having better burst healing and also giving himself better sustain for front line work.

    Overall it is looking very appealing.

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    There seems to not be a ton of love for Uther here

    I think it looked pretty fun though.. Currently looking for a secondary support character.. Haven't even considered Uther, but maybe he could be worth considering with the rework, what are your thoughts?

    Otherwise I guess I'll go for Auriel, Tassadar or Kharazim I suppose..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirreASDF View Post
    There seems to not be a ton of love for Uther here
    Yeah, Uther is the only healer I can't seem to get to grips with, I'm eagerly awaiting this rework to try again.
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    Only reason I don't play him a lot is due to the fact that most people can't seem to wrap their heads around the massive cooldowns on his heals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Yeah, Uther is the only healer I can't seem to get to grips with, I'm eagerly awaiting this rework to try again.
    It is funny you say that. Uther is the only healer who clicks with me. He is a bit of a late bloomer and doesn't really become a healing force till like 16 up until then I feel his healing is for emergency purposes only.

    One of the things that did take getting used to is his mana requirements. I don't find the globe for mana regen quest good enough. The reason being is that you have mana issues early on where as later on it is not as bad. The early quest I always take is the light bringer quest which gives 8 mana per basic attack. This is a BIG help in keeping up mana but of course you have to be hitting things. Another question you have to ask yourself is at level 4. Instead of taking Protection Shield I often take Beacon. This allows you to stand around hitting stuff keeping yourself up as well as someone else. I find it more useful than a 15% shield every 60 seconds.

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    Tried him out on the Beta and I have to say, I really like the rework. Tried out Judgement Uther and it was a blast. He can basically chase anyone down by just stunning and auto attacking. He is very, very resilient. While some builds will be better than others likely, I believe he actually has some build diversity now. There is actually a point in having him in melee now unlike before where he was outshined by pretty much every Support in the game.

    He will however be not as effective in the early game like on live. He kind of maintains the same weakness of having long cooldown heals. However, he is clearly buffed across the board thanks to Armour being applied to all his heals, so you will be able to save people by denying the enemy a lot of damage. I also believe that Uther now has the best Cleanse talent in the game, since his AAs will reduce the CD quite fast, so you will pretty much always have it ready for a team fight. Overall, it's a great rework.

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    Guys, try his Shockadin build on PTR, it's one of the most absurd things in the game IMO.

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    So, are they really letting the new Uther happen? If so, why? It is stupidly OP.

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137902000 (Chu8 on the PTR with shockadin)

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    Oh my, mana problems gone and silly front line disruption, but still no solo healer given the current damage output of most assassins, specialists.

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