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    898ilvl MW Monk LF Progression Raiding Guild

    Hello Guilds

    I am a very motivated player who is keen to get back into progression raiding with the intent of clearing mythic content. I am also looking for a guild who has a friendly atmosphere and friendly and social people.

    I am 898ilvl Mistweaver currently on Barthilas but also have a 779ilvl Resto druid and 883ilvl Ret pally alts. I only recently picked up Mistweaver but always motivated to get better every time i play.

    I have not done alot of raiding this expansion. I have completed various bosses on EN normal and heroic. Also have completed 5/10 N for NH.

    I am a player who is more than willing to take criticism and who is always very keen to get better at my class and be a very social and punctual player

    I am not concerned about what days I raid, I would just prefer raid times to be after 8-8:30pm ST but could raid a bit earlier if the right fit came along.

    If this sounds like someone you might be interested in or you have any questions then please reply to this post or add me on bnet - Rybackk#6125 for a chat
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