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    903 shadow priest lf 2 day guild prefer weekends


    Looking for a guild to call home


    I am 3/10 myth with all previous content cleared.. I have not been raiding for a while so my logs are not that great for 7.2 but would gladly try out.

    I am always prepared

    Ready to clear content.
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    Who are The Gang Tries Raiding: TGTR are capital M mature people who love raiding (though it will be a good while before we dip our toes in the mythic pool) doing m+ dungeons and witty banter. We are a tight-knit guild who have filthy senses of humor, care about each other and ruheally enjoy downing bosses and getting geared.

    Activity level: We are in Discord daily, raid Thursdays (8-10pm) and Sundays (7-10pm) CST and have at least one group of mythic plus dungeoners online. Alts are the norm and welcome. We are developing PVP teams, pet battlers and will soon have our first pure socializing type event.

    Bring the deeps: We are casual but we want to start carving our initials into the foreheads of the big bads. We have some fleet fingered 500-750k dps single target and multiple millions aoe members and we are looking for more. If you heal like Velen himself (or want to) and/or make Germany's Leopard 2A7 look like a kitten, we will make room too. Come be a fat carp in our puddle. If you just want to hang out and shoot the, ahem, “breeze” you are also welcome.

    Social environment: We're social, funny and despite the salty language, pretty ethically minded folks. LGBT friendly (we have, and welcome, all kinds of genitals and what you want to do with yours is none of our business) non-ageist (unless you are sub 25, then we are virulently against your youth and vitality and you should get off our collective lawn post haste). We’re kind, we believe in taking care of our people and getting that wow specific kind of high that comes with raiding, high level mythics, pvp battles and finding shiny new transmog.

    Want to see if we fit: discord.gg/NqrZjVJ or add me zewife#2998 for a chat.

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    Hey man, we're filling some dps slots and you might work out.

    We're Fri/Sat, 9:30PM-12:30AM CST on Emerald Dream, 3/10M, filling some dps slots after a recent faction switch.

    Hit me up: Rith#1500, or scope us out on wowprogress if you'd like to app.

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